Distanced but not Disconnected

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Volunteers have always been an integral and beloved part of ALEH Jerusalem, taking upon themselves numerous duties and responsibilities that enhance the lives of ALEH residents.

COVID-19, the pandemic that flipped the norm in so many areas, has taken a toll on ALEH’s volunteer activity as well. In keeping with ALEH Jerusalem’s strict policy of prevention to safeguard our immunocompromised residents and minimize any chance of infection, volunteer activity was sadly put to a standstill.

Distanced but not disconnected, volunteers and residents keep in touch using all means of technology at their disposal – Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and more.

Impatiently waiting for the day when our beloved volunteers can return, ALEH Jerusalem sent out small tokens of appreciation – individual containers of Alco-Gel embedded with the ALEH logo followed by the by-line “Loving you from afar!”

To our dear volunteers – we miss you! We’re counting the days until you can return!