Dedication Opportunities

Physiotherapy is an integral element of ALEH’s daily routine. Each resident has a personal treatment program, developed according to individual needs and abilities.

$ 30.00

More frequent hydrotherapy means greater progress, enabling children to move without pain and thus enhancing quality of life through the positive release of energy and building self-esteem.

$ 40.00

Respiratory treatments help children breathe easier, minimize medical complications and prevent recurrent pneumonia, staving off frequent hospitalizations.

$ 100.00

Special needs protective helmets, custom made for individual fit, keep children safe from injury or harm and offer varying degrees of head protection during seizures or everyday activity.

$ 125.00

The knee immobilizer enables the stretch of hamstring muscles with the goal of lengthening and preventing shortening of the muscle – a goal that has direct effect on ability to stand.

$ 125.00

The BIG MAC vocal output system is an alternative communication method that enables non-verbal students to communicate with their surroundings, making known their wants, desires and feelings.

$ 175.00

Switch operated games are adapted to be accessible to children with special needs, creating sensory stimulation that produces immediate response. These games constitute an important element in occupational therapy treatments.

$ 285.00

Stimulates interest, activity and communication by responding to the slightest movement of the head or hand. Especially suitable for children with visual impairments.

$ 350.00