Dancing in the Streets!

Dancing in the Streets!

Jun 27, 2010

Conventional wisdom believes that dancing requires two legs, but the children of ALEH Jerusalem have proven that being wheelchair-bound is no obstacle to dancing.
Months of planning, practice, and preparation led to this special day, as ALEH Jerusalem residents of all ages took to the streets, exuberantly performing in a wheelchair dance extravaganza in front of friends and family.
Dancing is not new for these special children; every Monday and Thursday afternoon Nadav, the Medical Clown, includes Folk Dancing in his program, encouraging residents to move in time to the music.
But this summertime performance took interpretive dancing to the next level: Residents, backed by caregivers and volunteers, lined up in rows to begin. The wheelchairs circled and dipped, ribbons fluttered, arms swayed, and music soared, along with the hearts of onlookers and participants.
With gratitude to Nadav and the dedicated staff and volunteers at ALEH for demonstrating that ALEH’s extra-ordinary children can enjoy ‘ordinary’ experiences such as dancing. And a great big thank you to ALEH’s residents for exhibiting their boundless spirit, and for proving that despite all obstacles, the sky’s the limit!


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