Coronavirus Ward Opens at Negev-Nahalat Eran

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On Sunday, October 4, during the weekly Coronavirus testing for residents, staff and National Service volunteersmandated by ALEH’s extreme sterilization protocols, it was determined that three residents with severe disabilities at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, our residential and rehabilitative village in Israel’s south, had contracted COVID-19.  The residents were immediately separated from their “capsule” group, and the residents, staff and National Service volunteers who had come into contact with them during the week prior were immediately quarantined.

In response to this urgent need, ALEH Negev’s medical staff created a special Coronavirus ward at the village to ensure that the residents would continue to receive the specialized care they need while being treated for the infection. 

During the “first wave” of COVID-19, it became abundantly clear to the ALEH administration that Israel’s hospitals, which were overcrowded and staffed with emergency medical personnel who had little disability care experience, posed a serious risk to ALEH’s immunocompromised residents with severe disabilities.  Now, during the “second wave,” the administration is working closely with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to maintain a hospital-caliber ward on campus, providing Israel’s most vulnerable patients with the best possible individualized care in a familiar and familial environment.

Additional updates will follow. Your thoughts, prayers and continued support is greatly appreciated. Here’s to the speedy recovery of our beloved ALEH residents!

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