“Chapter of Song” Comes to Life at ALEH Bnei Brak

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An extraordinary exhibition of animals, created from paper-mache, bottles and other recyclable materials, welcomes students, staff and visitors at the entrance to ALEH Bnei Brak.

Citing passages from the “Chapter of Song” that highlight the unique characteristic of each animal, the exhibition brings home the special relationship between animals and people with disabilities. Animal assisted therapy is an integral part of residents’ lives, noted for the mutual feelings of love, care and comfort imparted to and received from animals during therapy.

In preparation for the exhibit, prepared by the children with staff assistance, school and recreational activity centered on the topic of animals throughout the year. Children learned about and experienced the world of animals in many ways, visiting accessible petting zoos, the safari, and even taking a trip to a veterinary hospital that cares for wild animals.

Specifically emphasized was the plight of the eagle, a bird nearing extinction. Residents created a large, impressive eagle using old breathing machine tubes and other recyclable materials, highlighting the importance of both the eagle and environmental preservation. Upon learning of the recent poisoning of eagles in the Golan Heights and the resulting death of eight birds, ALEH students decided to dedicate the entire exhibit to the proud, majestic bird.

“The children said there is a likeness between them and the eagle,” explained ALEH director Devorah Glover. “Eagles are an endangered species and children with disabilities are weak. But just as the eagle is a strong creature, we, too, have much inner strength. We can do things that no one believed we could do. With the help of our faith and love, we too can fly.”

The children of ALEH Bnei Brak welcome all visitors to the amazing exhibit!

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