Chanukah and Chanukat Habayit – Opening of Gederah's New Activity Room

Chanukah and Chanukat Habayit – Opening of Gederah's New Activity Room

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Jan 26, 2009

Chanukah celebrates the rededication and inauguration of the Holy Temple, the kindling of the Menorah and the revival of the spirit of the Jewish people.

ALEH Gederah’s residents celebrated the last day of Chanukah in a similar way, during the exciting and joyous opening of ALEH’s new Teen Activity Room.
With festive music playing in the background, the residents themselves lit the Menorah in their spacious new room.  They also helped hang the plaque that expresses our appreciation to the Dorset Fundacion, whose generosity enabled its establishment.
The Dorset Activity Room will offer our older children a variety of recreational activities specifically geared to their changing needs as they become young adults.  It is also equipped with physiotherapy equipment for ongoing treatment during activity.
The joyous dancing that followed kindled once again the spirit of hope and friendship within the hearts of everyone present, as they rededicated themselves to continue forward in offering seriously disabled children the quality life they deserve.
With Special Thanks to the Dorset Fundacion for the fantastic new room!


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