Celebrating a Multi-Sensory Chanukah!

Celebrating a Multi-Sensory Chanukah!

ALEH’s children enjoyed a whole new level of experiential learning, with the building of an Active Chanukah Learning Centerwithin the facility.

Brainstormed by one of ALEH’s wonderful special education teachers, the Learning Center was designed to teach the children about Chanukah in a multi-sensory fashion, so they could really experience and feel the holiday.

All the school children were taken to visit the Learning Center, where they were invited to use the various kits revolving around Chanukah themes and symbols.  The kits were prepared to encourage sensory stimulation and active participation.

Sight– The children lit candles and followed the dancing flame.  They also lit an electric Menorah by pressing a switch.

Touch– The children dripped wax onto paper and felt the drops.  They painted Chanukah pictures with finger paints.

Hearing– Song and music in the background, accompanying each activity

Smell– the smell of dough, doughnuts and various types of oils

Movement– the children dressed up like spinning tops and participated in a music & movement activity

Taste– the delicious taste of doughnuts!

It was a Chanukah festival of the senses!

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