Celebrating a Milestone: 10 Years of Chessed

Celebrating a Milestone: 10 Years of Chessed

May 22, 2012

Yeshiva of Flatbush of Brooklyn, NY and ALEH have just celebrated 10 years of ongoing friendship, dedication and support.

For the past decade, Rabbi Naftali Besser has been bringing groups of Y.O.F. students and alumni to ALEH Jerusalem as part of the biannual Yeshiva of Flatbush Chessed Mission to Israel. These visits have resulted in a lifelong connection with ALEH, as past participants return with their spouses and children and choose to support projects on behalf of the children they have come to love.

Even before the chessed mission leaves New York, they are in contact with ALEH’s staff to find out what they can bring for the children. Over the years they have brought much needed clothing, toys, games and special feeding equipment. This year, Steven and Valerie Stein, who visited ALEH Jerusalem with Rabbi Besser several times, generously sponsored the newly renovated entrance lobby to the facility.

On May 17thRabbi Besser and a group of 25+ Y.O.F. alumni returned to ALEH Jerusalem to be inspired anew. Rachel Fishheimer, Principal of the facility’s Special Education School, spoke to the group about the various physical, cognitive and medical challenges the children face every day, and the round-the-clock care by the staff to provide the best available care for the residents.

A special surprise presentation was made to Rabbi Besser by the ALEH staff, as a token of their appreciation for his 10 years of friendship and dedication. The presentation included a memorable collage of pictures from the past 10 years, a special gift handmade by the children of ALEH in their vocational therapy workshops, and a beautiful Challah board inscribed: in recognition of 10 years of friendship and dedication. With love, the children of ALEH Jerusalem

The visitors then split up into groups of 5 and spent 30 minutes volunteering in classrooms, the Gymboree, the baby unit, the kindergarten, vocational therapy and the Snoezelen sensory room. Each group rotated their time in each room so that everyone had an opportunity to experience the different aspects of ALEH’s programs.

The results were fantastic. Here are some comments from the Y.O.F. alumni.

 “I have few words to describe what an amazing experience I just had. You should continue to have the strength and ability to do the work that you are doing.” Iris Shalom

“It amazes me how wonderful people can be! The dedication is outstanding. Please keep up the fabulous work that you do!” Sarah Kassab

“G-d bless and thank you to the people who make ALEH possible, for giving strength and love to all the children and for making their lives as complete as possible.” Maggi Eida

“What a wonderful place – full of warmth and love. ALEH really knows how to take care of G-d’s special children.”  Jane & Sam Sutton

 “The staff at ALEH has found the secret of how to make the children feel as free and beautiful as a butterfly. G-d bless you for all your love and kindness.”   Reina Anteby

On behalf of the staff, parents and most of all the disabled children of ALEH, we thank Rabbi Naftali Besser and The Yeshiva of Flatbush for 10 years of dedication and love!


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