A special Grandmother for a Special Child

As soon as I entered the maon [day care facility] I could see that it was set up with so many special, homelike touches. The staff was so warm and welcoming, and it was evident how devoted they are to the children. I immediately felt that this was indeed a wonderful place for my granddaughter — and for the entire family.

It is very moving to be standing here!

I am proud to have been invited to join this amazing gathering. I strengthen the hands of the parents, staff, volunteers and of course the honorees themselves – the children of ALEH Jerusalem.

These children are true warriors

This is the place
That children come to when
There is no other choice.
Where the air is perfumed
With disinfectant.
Where their gruel will consist
Of little bags that whirr and go
Drippity drip.
And their neighbor is struggling to breathe.
Hardly a vacation.

Batia is such a fantastic teacher!!

I feel I must write to you to say just how impressed I am with the great ladies looking after Yuval. Throughout the year he has enjoyed his swimming both with Vardit and at Givat Washington and for this I must say a big thank you to Yael, Batia and Marcelle who have been with him all the way. Yael keeps pushing for Yuval’s swimming and because of her, he keeps getting better.

Dance4Empowerment – a dance program for the disabled

I visited ALEH’s Jerusalem facility during Gann Academy’s “Exploration Week.” While my high school offered many community service and inter grade programs throughout the United States, I decided to travel to Israel to spend time learning about a few of Israel’s pioneer programs for people with disabilities.

I was extremely moved

am so happy that I had a chance to meet you and tour ALEH while in Jerusalem. I was extremely moved by the kindness and compassion shown to the children.

It has been a thrilling experience

We have really enjoyed collecting and counting tzedaka for you. It has been a thrilling experience and despite missing playtime we have had lots of fun.

An Inspirational Visit to ALEH with my Family

Today was a very special day for me in Israel. I got to revisit ALEH in Jerusalem and introduce my dad and sister to the inspirational facility I visited with my mum last year. ALEH helps an average of 650 people with disabilities everyday; providing living space, life training, and outstanding therapies for everyone who comes to their facilities.

My Shabbat with Angels

Together with a fantastic staff of volunteers from Mercaz Shapira and wonderful coordinators from ALEH, we succeeded in arranging this most amazing Shabbat! It’s impossible to describe the experience in simple words, but I will try my best to give a taste of what we felt.

Service Above and Beyond…

The following are translations of letters written by Sherut Leumi (National Service) girls who serve in the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village. The girls, all of whom chose to stay on and help out while the village was under fire, were kind enough to share their feelings and personal accounts of their experiences. These letters were written to Masada Sekely, Director of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.

Talking to the Person Inside

Today for the first time ever, I considered continuing to work with people with severe IDD next year. It was a great day with a good deal of work satisfaction. I spent a good deal of time with my clients making coronets from branches in honor of Shavuot. I put one on Julia’s head, (I had never before managed to make eye contact with her, she does not speak but walks around moaning and spinning) and led her to the mirror so she could see her reflection. Suddenly she smiled. I had made her happy! And I realized that she was recognizing something from outside of her own world

Transcending Boundaries

y now we have become a family. We try to visit Rahma every day. We take her for a walk, read her a story, sing to her, play on the swings, and go to the safari animal petting corner. Mostly we just laugh together and we talk and talk without pause! Afterwards, we help her eat dinner (once she was weaned from the gastro tube, she learned to eat properly and neatly!), we help her brush her teeth, put on pajamas, and then we play peek-a-boo (which makes her laugh so much!).

Feelings of a Volunteer

When I see how all the teachers are with the kids it blows me away. They treat them as if they are their own kids, and in a certain way they are. The love and care that flows through the building is tangible.

A Prisoner's Thank You

A huge Thank You for the extraordinary things you do on behalf of the extraordinary people that live in the village. And another huge Thank You – for what you enabled us to receive.

From South Africa, with Love

he people who work in the village were so warm, so helpful, so caring and empathetic to my needs and feelings. Even though I don’t speak Hebrew, we communicated through the language of the heart. The village is truly a unique place that emanates warmth, peace, and calm, and the residents made a deep impression on me. I just regret that I couldn’t stay longer.

From Alaska to ALEH Jerusalem

I thank you sincerely for allowing me into your home and your world for a short time this morning. It was very nice meeting all the children and the staff. Thank you for sharing everything you are doing for the children of ALEH. It warms my heart to see how happy, content, and well cared for the children are.

I have gained way more then I gave

By watching all the love and care you put into every child – how you bring out the best in each and everyone is truly admirable and truly special.

Hidden Gems of Israel

I would take the young lads out for coffee or pizza. We would watch football, chat to the locals in the city center and the coffee shop, and just do ‘normal’ things, outside of the framework of the home. One particular resident Naor, is the same age as me. We go out for coffee together, and I see the positive effect he has on the surrounding community. Everyone stops in the street to talk to him. With ALEH, the benefit always seems to be mutual. In fact, I personally probably gained more than they did, as I learned something new, different and – again – truly inspiring, from each and every resident.

Thank you for an amazing visit!!

On behalf of all the pupils at Yavneh College who had the privilege of coming to volunteer at ALEH over the past week and a half I would like to thank you and your staff for allowing this to happen.

The most rewarding experiences of our lives!

My visit to ALEH was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I grew so much emotionally and it has helped me gain a better understanding of the world, as it has allowed me to appreciate the beauty in everything. Thank you so much!

Thoughts From Taglit birthright israel Volunteers

8-Jan-07 Corey Visiting ALEH on my Birthright trip provided me with an opportunity to remind myself of my obligation to others as a Jew, how every life matters and is important and significant. Uri Kelman Its amazing what you people are doing Michelle Hoffman What you give these children is amazingly generous, I am in awe Robert Kantor If every … Read More

The Presence of G-d Rests At ALEH

‘d like to congratulate the staff of ALEH for the beautiful work that you’re doing. You and the children of ALEH are the real Tzadikim of Am- Israel. It’s from your merits that Hashem will bring the Mashiach as soon as possible!

Impressions from students of Calgary Jewish Academy

It is amazing to see the love given to each child, everywhere I went a kid was being hugged or kissed. It is so wonderful to see it.he facility here is astounding, every child that gets to stay here is lucky. It is amazing that you are able to connect with each child using different methods to enhance the child’s life.

Taglit birthright israel Visits ALEH Negev

I think that this is a wonderful organization extremely inspiring, I think that people with disabilities are often discriminated against, often because of the fear of the unknown and this organization strives to correct the wrongs with respect and love

NCSY Makes the Desert Bloom

What a beautiful place full of life, love, miracles and everyday heroes…. Even the gardener and security guard were holding hands and giving hugs. This is a beautiful place for Hashem’s Beautiful people.

There's no place like ALEH!

I am in awe of the amount of care and dedication that ALEH Negev has towards these kids, they really cater to the needs of each one and make the kids happy and excited. They really deserve all the gratitude in the world for all their efforts.

Volunteer's Impressions of ALEH Negev Sukkot Day Camp

Taught me several things: to savor and re-appreciate the importance of apple juice, how to ride a tricycle properly (I had forgotten) and – most importantly – how to offer unconditional love. There is no question that they gave me more than I gave them.

ALEH Negev – A Beautiful Village, A Magnificent Home!

Thank you for taking me to visit ALEH Negev. I enjoyed having the chance to
talk with you and see the product of all your hard work. I was shocked by
the enormity of ALEH Negev. You are building an entire community and it is
beyond anything I had imagined!

ALEH Moriah, You've Made My Day!

I could not believe my eyes. He was so happy and smiling – it seemed like he was in another world of pure heaven! His utter enjoyment of the water brought tears to my eyes – it is not often he is so happy and relaxed. He seemed to find a self confidence and security in the water and in the arms of his caregiver that lifted him both physically and emotionally – the feeling of freedom in the water for him was exhilarating.

An Eye-Opening Shabbat

We recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with your organization through our daughter, Aliza Sohn. Aliza is a bat sherut in your Jerusalem branch. Last Shabbat she brought home as her guest an 8 year-old autistic boy named Daniel (and Gili, another bat sherut). Daniel is a full-time resident of your Jerusalem facility and Aliza has become very attached to him through her work as a teacher’s assistant there. She very much wanted to spend a Shabbat with him at home.

Chanukah at ALEH

It is us that needs to thank you and all the wonderful people at ALEH. You gave us more than you will ever know. The opportunity to meet with the wonderful children and celebrate Chanukah together was truly moving and meaningful.

I have no words to describe how much working at ALEH taught me

I didn’t realize just how much I was gaining by volunteering at ALEH, however on my last Tuesday at ALEH before I was leaving to return home, I was overcome with sadness. I could not bring myself to say goodbye to all the special people that work there, especially to Ariella and Nechama who I was fortunate to meet and work with. Saying goodbye to Hodaya was even worse. I never thought that a girl who doesn’t speak and often doesn’t acknowledge my presence could have such an impact on me. Well, I was so wrong, Hodaya impacted on my life in so many ways and made me appreciate everything I have been blessed with.

Grandparents' Thanks

o the ALEH administrative staff, dormitory caregivers and school teachers,
This past week we painfully parted from our precious eldest granddaughter, Liora z”l.
It remains a source of comfort to us knowing that during her all too short life she merited receiving an outpouring of love that even those who live to a ripe old age do not necessarily experience.

A Medical View

During my follow up regarding the children treated in our department, I would like to express my admiration for the excellent care you extend to the children in your charge.

A Hospital's Admiration

It is obvious that you are engaged in a special and holy mission, and it is difficult for an outsider to fully appreciate the tremendous devotion you have dedicated to help advance the development and rehabilitation of the children under your care.

A Social Worker's Impressions

Ella Salamon
Rehabilitative Social Worker, Department of Social Affairs

I would like to express my admiration and thanks for your devoted care of Rachel Singer, whose family I have been working with. Despite all the difficulties and family challenges involved, you and your staff have continued to meet this child’s special needs in the most admirable manner.

A Parent's Thanks

Over the year we have seen the devoted kindergarten staff in action. Josh’s smiles also tell us a lot about his feelings toward school. We take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers, caregivers and assistants who work so hard with him. Thank you for your patience, your kind words, your notes, and the beautiful arts-n-crafts. May you always be blessed with the strength to continue your holy task.

Deserving the Title 'Human Being'

When Eran was 8 months old, he seemed not to hear and he made no eye contact, as if lacking interest in the world around him. Then came the medical tests. Finally, we understood that our child would not be like all other children; he would never be able to relate to a normal environment.

A Day That Changed My Outlook On Life

ALEH’s center is stunning. It is beautifully decorated with colorful pictures and displays everywhere. It has top quality staff and therapeutic activities. But then you look at the children, and they are simply heartbreaking. I couldn’t really do my interview, because I was afraid to talk. I knew if I opened my mouth I would start to cry. But more than what I felt for them, I was just utterly scared. All I could think was that this could happen to me.

The Power of Compassion

An organization like ALEH serves an invaluable purpose to the physically and mentally challenged. The people who work there, who dedicate their lives to these children are the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel for many of these children. The people of ALEH deserve the highest honor and utmost respect of anyone that is fortunate enough to know about the wonderful, life changing work they do.

ALEH as Matchmaker

Ariella, our cultural activity coordinator, met Akiva, a student of supportive services who helps bathe ALEH’s boys, at ALEH. Their joint interest and concern for the children led them to realize they have a lot in common…and the rest is history. They are getting married this week, and ALEH is honored to carry the title of “shadchan.”

A Chance to Soar – ALEH’s Astronauts

Most importantly, the group was given all sorts of opportunities to enjoy regular fun and pleasure: a bus journey, buying an ice-cream cone, enjoying a cup of coffee in the café, a trip to the beach, a boat ride, and a trip to the mall were all activities to be savored.

This is David and He is My Son

hen we were introduced to ALEH. ALEH is more than a rehabilitation center; it is a home – a supportive, beautiful, caring and warm home, whose mission is to provide multi-handicapped children with a quality of life. ALEH is a home where these children live twenty-four hours a day under the medical supervision and loving care of their professional and highly-qualified staff.

ALEH's work drew my heart to contribute

That you have it in your heart also to help others in the work that you do to find their gifting and help them to grow in it to bless their world with it is to me amazing. My profession is towards making material wealth, but that you pursue this cause to help others find the beauty and the joy of being able to give their gift away is beyond wonderful.