It all started because our wonderful, devoted caregivers wanted to initiate an original and applicable final project for the caregivers course they were taking. Their idea was to make ALEH Jerusalem’s elevators accessible to the children via tactile symbols, so that residents would know what was on each floor and where they were going. A secondary objective was to use … Read More

Hydrotherapy Program

To the wonderful staff at ALEH Moriah! I am so touched and will try to put into words just a little of my feelings when I see your very special staff bringing your sweet girls to the pool every week. I am so amazed at their dedication and their caring.  They always ask, “Did you enjoy?  Was it fun?”  Their … Read More

Computer Therapy

“I know my daughter now for 12 years and I never saw her working like this.  It’s a miracle!” This comment, from a parent of a child receiving computer therapy in ALEH’s School, explains a little of what computer therapy can do for children with severe disabilities. ALEH’s Computer Room is the most challenging room for the students.  “When we … Read More

Physiotherapy is Fun!

Who said that physiotherapy sessions have to be difficult and boring? ALEH’s school kids will tell you otherwise! Accompanied by their teacher, a physiotherapist, caregivers, rehabilitative aide, and a National Service girl, a group of students from ALEH’s special education school recently enjoyed a great Field Day in beautiful fall weather. Beginning with a brisk walk to a local park, … Read More

Managing with Change

Moving Day! – Negev “Ofek” Residents Move to Their Newly Renovated Residence At ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, residents of the Ofek Home recently moved to a new residence within the village.  Their new home was customized to best serve these older, special needs residents. ALEH Negev staff worked hard to prepare the residents for the move, discussing the upcoming change and … Read More

Social Interaction

Meeting Old Friends at Shabbat in Ramat Magshimim This year’s wonderful Bnot Sherut planned a special weekend getaway up North for ALEH’s kids.  To make it even more memorable, they invited last year’s Bnot Sherut Leumi to join as well! The entire experience was unforgettable, from the travel to “Ramat Magshimim” to the meeting of old friends and the enjoyment … Read More

Sports Class

As part of promoting a healthy way of life, ALEH’s school kids enjoy a Sports Class with a qualified physiotherapist. Together, the class practices walking on specially suited walkers.  They throw basketballs into hoops, roll the bowling ball, shake the parachute, play in hoops…in short, they’re hard at work having a great time! Of course there is a cheering squad … Read More

Early Intervention Infant Ward

ALEH’s infant ward provides intensive early intervention in a warm and loving homelike atmosphere.  Our goal is to enable each child to develop their potential as well as enjoy a happy childhood. Circle games are a major part of young childhood.  ALEH’s babies deserve no less. We stand up each child in a stander or customized hammock and form a … Read More