Eliraz Levi is the head of the speech-language pathology department at ALEH’s rehabilitative and residential center in Jerusalem. She has more than seventeen years of the field and has been working at ALEH for four years. “After I moved to Israel, I heard about ALEH from some of my friends who worked there, and who loved their work,” said Eliraz. … Read More


Nili Wittman is the Head Nurse at ALEH’s rehabilitative and residential center in Bnei Brak. Nili describes what it’s like to care for the medical needs of ALEH’s residents with severe complex disabilities and highlights the dedication of her exceptional nursing staff. “I began working at ALEH after I met a staff member at a networking event who asked me … Read More


An Interview with Hindy Weinger, MSPT Hindy Weinger is a physical therapist at ALEH’s rehabilitative and residential center in Jerusalem. In a fascinating interview, Hindy, who hails from Monsey, NY, describes her day and what it’s like to be part of the ALEH family. The main purpose of physical therapy is to improve the quality of life for each ALEH … Read More

The Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran

ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s exceptional therapeutic horseback riding program, providing rehabilitative treatment for village residents, special education school students and people from surrounding Negev communities, stands unique among similar horse-therapy programs in Israel. The safari center’s approach is unique in the therapeutic methods implemented in the horse-training system, which provides patients with fertile ground for emotional, communication, motor and multi-sensory experiences. … Read More


ALEH Moriah is a warm and loving home in Gedera providing comprehensive care to 116 individuals with multiple intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The “ALEH on the Horizon” home is ALEH Moriah’s new community home for 12 children between the ages 7-14 with severe autism. Residents of the home are low-functioning and require 24-hour/day assistance and supervision in all activities.  At … Read More

“Speaking Through Your Eyes” – A New Meaning

10-year-old Einat, an adorable student in ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s special education school, was born with Rhett syndrome, characterized by disorders in verbal and non-verbal communication. Einat cannot speak. Up until three years ago, Einat’s communication ability was extremely limited, rendering her comprehension level undeterminable. Beginning three years ago, Einat began using a computer-based eye tracking system for communication. The eye … Read More

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, water-based therapy (hydro = water), usually takes place in a small-size pool with warm water between 32-34°C, with the goal of strengthening, maintaining and improving the health of both body and mind. Water-based therapy is beneficial to children with behavioral challenges, ADHD, migraines, emotional issues, low self-confidence and PDD, as well as many other difficulties. Adults contending with back … Read More

ALEH for YOU Hosts a Professional Conference on CBT at ALEH Jerusalem

ALEH Jerusalem recently held a professional conference for social workers, educational advisors and caregivers as part of the ALEH for YOU community involvement initiative. Dr. Naomi Appel, specialist in cognitive behavior therapy and director of the Shitot Institute, presented the main lecture, The Parental Journey in Light of CBT, offering advice and tools in relating to parents in general and … Read More

ALEH FOR YOU Hotline, an initiative of ALEH professionals.

ALEH professionals have taken the initiative, stepping up to the plate to fill a void in community needs, with the new ALEH FOR YOU Hotline, answering questions, solving problems and lending a listening ear to distressed parents. ALEH FOR YOU is an information center for the community at large, offering free advice and assistance to parents of children of all … Read More


The ability to move is one of the most basic human traits. The fetus moves from its first moments of existence within its mother’s womb. The womb’s watery environment envelopes and protects it from the force of gravity, and gives it the feeling of being held and safe. When it comes into the world, the newborn begins to cope with … Read More


By Rachely Teller, Volunteer Coordinator, ALEH in Jerusalem (The names in this article have been changed, but the stories are true.) “Jessica, did you see how Uriel smiled at me?” “Did you see how I made Chaya laugh?” Rosy cheeked, sweaty and brimming with what they have just experienced, the youth proceed towards ALEH Jerusalem’s meeting room after a joint … Read More


Brushing teeth is an essential part of dental hygiene. It eliminates the layer of germs and food that accumulates on the tongue, teeth, and in the spaces between the teeth and between the teeth and gums. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a regular dental hygiene routine as an integral part of preserving a child’s general health. … Read More

The Multidisciplinary Approach: Developing a Caregiving Program for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The ALEH Network was established in 1982 by a group of parents determined to provide a warm home and comprehensive rehabilitative care solution for their children, all of whom had severe IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) and complex medical conditions. Today, ALEH’s four residential facilities provide professional care for more than 650 infants, children, adolescents and adults throughout Israel. Located … Read More

Aspiring Medical Students Gain Insight at ALEH

“One cannot become a successful doctor without the human element, or without familiarizing oneself with all types of populations.” This is the motto of the unique course “Man and Medicine” taught to second year students from the Hebrew University Medical School program. Within the framework of the course, students visit a wide variety of institutions serving the disability community. Among … Read More

For children with disabilities, time to move from inclusion to normalcy

JTA / Rachel Fishheimer – ALEH Just the other day, I overheard someone saying that they had a wonderful interaction with the “Down syndrome employee” at their local cafe. Though it happened to have been a sweet story, I cringed. It also got me thinking about the limitations of our campaigns promoting inclusion in the classroom, at work and in … Read More

Making the Right Decisions for Children with Complex Disabilities

eJewishPhilanthropy / By Rikki Frohlich Advances in medical science and biotechnology have brought about the need for a new discussion regarding medical ethics. Past practices kept medical decisions solely in the hands of medical personnel, allowing doctors to play the role of patriarch, deciding what information to release to the patient and what course of treatment to follow. Today, with information … Read More

Taking story time seriously

TIMES OF ISRAEL / RIVKI KEESING When the first installment of the Harry Potter series was introduced in the summer of 1997, children around the world became instant bookworms. Even kids who previously loathed reading were drawn to J.K Rowling’s wildly creative world of wizardry and witchcraft. Suddenly, they developed an unquenchable thirst for the written word. Parents and teachers were thrilled … Read More