Various Newspapers / On Thursday, March 31, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced that Major General (res.) Doron Almog, the Chairman of ALEH Negev – Nahalat Eran, will receive the 2016 Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and contributions to society and the state.  Major General Almog will accept his award in the presence of the Prime Minister, President, Knesset chairperson, and … Read More

Disability Inclusion: Our greatest innovation yet?

Times of Israel / Dov Hirth When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the future. Bred on movies and television shows that depicted a futuristic wonderland, I couldn’t wait to see if our world would actually catch up with our imaginations. Years later, I am thrilled to say that (minus the hover boards) the “future” is even more … Read More

Creating new and inclusive bonds in Israel: the story of Peter and Elad By Megan E. Turner At Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran, a rehabilitation village and partner organization of Jewish National Fund (JNF) that serves people with severe disabilities in southern Israel, an unlikely friendship has formed. Peter Von Brockhausen, a 57-year-old Netherlands native who recently discovered his family’s Jewish roots, and Elad Sair, 30, have built a strong relationship—which is difficult given … Read More

Naftali Bennett Visits Aleh Negev

Five Towns Jewish Times On Tuesday, February 16, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett marked Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month with a visit to the Negev-based rehabilitative village of ALEH (, Israel’s largest network of facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. In recent days, Education Minister Bennett has expressed interest in developing programming that encourages children in … Read More

Green therapy: an oasis in Israel’s Negev Desert for people with disabilities / By Megan E. Turner The latest blooming in Israel’s Negev Desert is particularly relevant in February, which is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month. At Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran—a rehabilitation village in southern Israel that serves people with severe disabilities—residents benefit from green therapy, which uses gardening and nature to help give the special needs community a higher … Read More

How Developmentally Disabled Adults Are Transforming Criminals in Israel

The Huffington Post / By Anav Silverman It is a rather unusual scene that appears to be a mirage in the hot Negev desert. In southern Israel, prison inmates from local jails can be seen every week, walking wheelchair-bound adults from a rehabilitative village for the severely disabled. Every Monday, a group of these disabled residents, eagerly await the visits … Read More

Redefining Potential: The Wisdom of the Special Needs Community 

The Jewish Press / By Zahava Altshul At my high school graduation, the faculty encouraged us to go out into the world and strive to reach our “fullest potentials.”  For my class, the endeavor entailed an extended process of identifying our abilities, strengths, and interests, and then harnessing our innate passions to find our niches within the worlds of medicine, … Read More

A namesake not in vain

Jerusalem Post – Mar 28, 2014 By Abigail Klein Leichman When a son was born to Maj. Gen. Doron Almog and his wife, Didi, in 1984, there was no question the boy would be named for Almog’s brother Eran Avrutsky – a tank commander who died during the Yom Kippur War while waiting a week to be evacuated from where … Read More

L’association Aleh Une vie digne et riche pour tous

LPH INFO – Mar 5, 2014 L’association Aleh a vu le jour en 1982 à Bné Brak. Il s’agissait d’offrir une solution de prise en charge totale des personnes lourdement handicapées depuis leur plus jeune âge. Un foyer, des soins, des activités adaptées et beaucoup d’attention et d’affection : voilà ce que prodigue Aleh à ses pensionnaires particuliers depuis plus de … Read More

Champion of Commitment – Doron Almog

Maariv – Dec 18, 2013 By Shaul Mofaz ‘Maariv’ Chooses 100 People of Inspiration in Israel Doron Almog holds the title of IDF Major General (Res.) as well as creator of the Aleh Negev Rehabilitation Village for adults with severe cognitive disabilities and multiple handicaps.  We have known each other for decades, and each year my appreciation for him deepens.  … Read More

Ze zingen in de Negev

Nederlands Israelitisch Weekblad (NIW), Issue no. 16 – Dec 10, 2013 By Jan Franke Midden in de Negev-woestijn heeft stichting ALEH een compleet dorp gebouwd voor mensen met een ernstige meervoudige handicap. Hier staan deze mensen niet aan de kant, maar draaien ze zo veel mogelijk mee in het dagelijks leven. Op een steenworp afstand van Ofakim, een slaapstadje in … Read More

Aliyah and the Special Needs Educator

The Jewish Press – Dec 2, 2013 By Varda Meyers Epstein “Bo-ker tov l’Ji-HAD-I. Aizeh kef l’Ji-HAD-I,” was the sound that greeted me as I peeked into one of the classrooms at ALEH Jerusalem. “Good morning to little Jihad. How fun for little Jihad.” I gave a start. There at the center of the room was a teacher, swinging a … Read More

ALEH: a happy place for kids with disabilities

Times of Israel – Nov 27, 2013 By Varda Epstein Sunday morning, I arose bright and early to down a cup of coffee before grabbing the 9 AM bus to Jerusalem, where I was to tour the ALEH facility for special needs children, in conjunction with my work as an education writer at Kars4Kids. I sat down at my computer … Read More

Every day is Chanukah

Times of Israel – Nov 17, 2013 By Dov Hirth Chanukah is a magical time in Israel. Walking through the streets at sundown, one is greeted by the sounds of families singing the blessings over the Chanukah candles together and the sight of flickering lights and smiling faces in every window and doorway.  The love and warmth is tangible. As … Read More

Akiva’s Helmet: Leaving No Soldier Behind

The Algemeiner – Oct 24, 2013 By Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Chairman of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran A few weeks ago, my wife Didi undertook a major project: the long overdue clean up of our building’s storage room. As she waded through piles of discarded treasures, she discovered a burlap bag buried beneath the clutter. The bag contained an old paratrooper’s … Read More

Positive Impact

Zeh Lezeh (For One Another) – The Ruderman Family Foundation Blog – Oct 1, 2013 By Sharon Hadani Dayan – Marketing Communications and Corporate Relations Manager, ALEH ALEH’s prisoner rehabilitation program is a perfect example of the positive impact that people with disabilities can have on society at large. ALEH, Israel’s largest network of facilities for children with severe physical … Read More

For Israel’s disabled community, an oasis in the desert

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL – Sep 23, 2013 By DEBRA KAMIN OFAKIM — Rachma is a nearly five-year-old girl, a tiny bundle of a child with dark eyes and a tittering laugh. She can’t really walk or talk on her own, but she is alert, sitting up and offering a gurgle of incoherent conversation. Her hands, which curl in the … Read More

Humanity 101: Embracing the disabled

TIMES OF ISRAEL – Aug 6, 2013 By Dov Hirth – Marketing and Development, ALEH In Israel, care for children and adults with special needs has come a long way.  Over the last 30 years, Israel has built some of the world’s most impressive facilities for the treatment and rehabilitation of the disabled and has developed cutting-edge technologies that enhance the … Read More

Israel vacation becomes way of giving back

New Jersey Jewish News – Jul 15, 2013 By Debra Rubin – NJJN Bureau Chief/Middlesex Some people like to spend their vacations relaxing on the beach, while others prefer touring historic sites. But for one New Brunswick woman, no vacation is complete without spending time helping others. When Phyllis Pollak and her husband, Bill, planned a trip to Israel this … Read More

A Family's Medical Challenge Becomes Aliyah Necessity

Arutz 7 – Jul 4, 2013 By Chana Ya’ar Most people immigrate to Israel for spiritual, religious or familial reasons, and medical care doesn’t usually factor into the equation. But in the case of Iris Kowen’s family, that was not the case. Living in the Holy Land was always the ideal, she says, but it was the issue of medial … Read More

Technology Alters Reality for Kids with Disabilities – Official website of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Jun 26, 2013 By Avigayil Kadesh Israel’s ALEH is a world pioneer in using virtual reality as a form of therapy for children with muscular and cognitive disabilities. Kids who have intellectual disabilities along with physical limitations such as cerebral palsy ordinarily cannot experience simple childhood pleasures like … Read More

10 Years Since Laying the Foundation of Compassion at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran – Jun 16, 2013 By Doron Almog, Major General (res.) Chairman, Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran It was on Thursday, June 12, 2003 that we gathered in a white tent erected in the midst of a barren stretch of desert just south of Ofakim. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was there together with a group of children in wheelchairs who were surrounded … Read More

A Welcome Respite

Jerusalem Post – Jun 6, 2013 By ADAM ROSS Fifteen-year-old Haim lives at the ALEH Center for severely disabled children in Jerusalem. Wheelchair-bound and in need of 24-hour care, he can only eat with the aid of a feeding tube. He had never been taken out of the state-of-the-art care center for a significant amount of time before, until Amihai, … Read More

Tucked away in Jerusalem…

National Post – Apr 26, 2013 By Laura Rosen Cohen Hidden at the end of a small bumpy road, tucked away a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, is a non-descript building, several stories high, constructed with the pale limestone known in this city as “Jerusalem stone.” Unexceptional in every external way, it nonetheless … Read More

Mangal: Impossible

The Times of Israel – Apr 25, 2013 By Dov Hirth My Yom Ha’atzmaut was picture-perfect.  Like so many others across the country, I enjoyed the annual “Sunday experience” by barbecuing the day away with friends and family.  (Forget baseball – mangal is our national pastime!) It was such a fulfilling feeling knowing that every other Israeli had the same … Read More

ALEH: Marching In Jerusalem to Advocate for the Disabled

Apr 23, 2013 Last month, on Wednesday, March 27, during the Passover holiday, ALEH (, Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, hosted “ALEH MARCHES FORWARD” – the third annual ALEH Jerusalem march to increase public awareness of the disabled and encourage the integration of Israel’s disabled community within Israeli society. Over 300 … Read More

Village of Angels – The Caregivers of ALEH Negev–Nahalat Eran

Five Towns Jewish Times / Rochelle Maruch Miller Ask Ron Rabinovich to describe Aleh Negev–Nahalat Eran and he will tell you it is a place like no other. Ron and his wife, Einat, beloved members of our Five Towns community, are the dynamic duo behind the Aleh Negev Caregivers Campaign. “I first became involved with this magical place in the … Read More

ALEH Marches Forward, 'Bridges The Gap'

Five Towns Jewish Times – Apr 5, 2013 For the third straight year, a procession of over 300 marchers, including children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities under the care of ALEH (, their families, caregivers, and volunteers and friends from around the globe, set out from ALEH’s Jerusalem facility to cross over the Jerusalem Chords Bridge in a powerful … Read More

JNF's Gala "Tree of Life" at the Pier Hotel Brings Hope to Israel

The Jewish Voice – Mar 27, 2013 By David Ben Hooren A palpable electricity filled the air on Tuesday evening, March 19, as over 350 ardent supporters of Israel gathered at the annual glittering gala “Tree of Life’ dinner at New York’s Pierre Hotel.  Hosted by the legendary Jewish National Fund in conjunction with ALEH Negev – Nahalat Eran, the focus … Read More

Leaving jail to volunteer with the disabled

Israel21c / Abigail Klein Leichman An award-winning program pairs Israeli prisoners with severely disabled residents of ALEH Negev, benefiting both partners and, ultimately, society. In a way, they’re both imprisoned: the incarcerated criminals on account of misdeeds, the children and adults with severe disabilities on account of misfortune. Pairing up convicted felons and helpless residents of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, a rehabilitative … Read More

Jerusalem Marathon 2013 Highlights

Jerusalem Post – Mar 8, 2013 By Greer Fay Cashman Not so long ago, people with special needs were isolated from society and hidden away by their families lest their physical or mental conditions or both cast a blot on the marriage potential of their siblings. Today, there is greater sensitivity for the feelings of people with special needs, resulting in … Read More

Alaskan volunteer helps Israel's disabled children

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Feb 22, 2013 By Rivka Borochov It’s not every day you’ll find a person who takes a month and a half off work each year to travel 5,000 miles –– on his own tab – just to spend time volunteering with disabled children in Jerusalem. But for one devout Christian man, Curtis Sparks of … Read More

For kids with disabilities, virtual reality isn’t just a game – Feb 20, 2013 By Abigail Klein Leichman If virtual reality can put players inside a game and take pilot trainees to the sky, then why not use this cutting-edge technology to give children with severe intellectual and physical disabilities experiences they cannot enjoy in the real world? That was the thinking behind a unique-to-Israel use of virtual reality … Read More

ALEH Marks its 30th Anniversary with a Gala Event

Jerusalem Post – Feb 8, 2013 ALEH, ISRAEL’S largest network of facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, marked its 30th anniversary last Saturday night with a gala fundraiser at the Leonardo City Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan. Proceeds from the event will subsidize the construction of a therapeutic pool at ALEH’s new center in Bnei Brak, a … Read More

Never Too Late Flint man, 80, twins his bar mitzvah with Israeli teen with special needs

Detroit Jewish News – Jan 24, 2013 Sixty-seven years after his 13th birthday, Larry Feinstein decided that it was finally time to have a bar mitzvah. It was an email from ALEH, Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, that inspired 80-year-old Feinstein to go through with the transformative Jewish ritual. The email … Read More

A few good men (schen)

Jerusalem Post – Jan 10, 2013 By Danny Grossman I was first privileged to meet US Gen. (ret.) Robert Magnus at an event I helped orchestrate honoring another tough US Navy aviator, Lou Lenart, who led the first fighter mission of the Israel Air Force 64 years ago. In everything he does, Bob personifies the talmudic definition of an honorable … Read More

80 Year Old 'Bar Mitzvah Boy' Twins With Disabled Israeli

Arutz 7 – Jan 9, 2013 By Elie Klein Sixty-seven years after his 13th birthday, Larry Feinstein decided that it was finally time to have a Bar Mitzvah.  It was an e-mail from ALEH, Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities, that inspired 80-year old Feinstein to go through with the transformative Jewish … Read More

It's Hard to Run to a Bomb Shelter When You Are in a Wheelchair – Nov 16, 2012 By Michelle K. Wolf Earlier this week, I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about this weekend and there were so many good topics to pick from. There was our son, Danny, with significant disabilities, celebrating his almost-18th birthday at Fairfax High School and loving all the attention and gooey chocolate cake. Or … Read More

For The Greater Good: Up Close With Shayna Miodownik

Five Towns Jewish Times – Oct 12, 2012 By Rochelle Maruch Miller An amazing young woman from Queens is making a real difference for the children of ALEH. Shayna Miodownik made aliyah just two months ago but has been in Israel since graduating from high school over two years ago. Shayna has spent the last 12 months as a volunteer … Read More

Israel's gold standard

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL – Sep 12, 2012 By Dov Hirth – Director of Marketing & Development As 5772 nears its end, I find myself reflecting on the experiences that impacted me the most over the last year. Though there were many such instances, the sports fan in me continues to focus on the rare inspirational moments we all witnessed … Read More

Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh Visits Israel's Most Severely Disabled Children

Baltimore Jewish Life – Sep 6, 2012 By BJLife News Room “Crash Course” on Israel and Judaism brought Pugh to ALEH to see how Jewish Nation cares for its own JERUSALEM, Israel – September 6 –On Wednesday, August 29, Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh visited the Bnei Brak facility of ALEH (, Israel’s largest network of facilities for children with … Read More

A Second Home

Jerusalem Post Magazine Weekend Edition – Jun 28, 2012 By JOSH HASTEN When Jerusalemite Alon Chasid’s son was born via a difficult delivery six-and- a-half years ago, it looked like everything was going to be alright. However, several days later, doctors revealed to the family that the baby had undergone severe trauma, including bleeding in the brain. Those complications would … Read More

Doron Almog: A man on a mission

Jerusalem Post – Jun 12, 2012 By SHMUEL RABINOVITCH When a war hero is asked about his greatest accomplishment, one would expect him to respond with a detailed account of an epic mission or historic military maneuver – perhaps the very incident that earned him his stripes. Yet, if you ask Maj.-Gen. (res.) Doron Almog about his crowning achievement, he … Read More

Discovering selflessness during a ‘selfish gap year’ in Israel / Chana Devorah Levine I had looked forward to my year in seminary with great anticipation because I knew that living and learning in Israel would open up a whole new world to me. In fact, everyone I encountered informed me that my “gap year” would consist of one life-altering experience after another and that I needed to make the … Read More

A Mother's Dream, A Family's Support: A Child Lives his Potential

Zeh Lezeh (For One Another) Blog – May 23, 2012 By Iris Kowen – Mother of Shai, a resident at Aleh Negev For me, the biggest challenge in having a severely disabled child was the fear that he would never be able to maximize his potential. Though I understand that my son, Shai, has limitations, I am equally aware that these … Read More

Lawrence school fundraised for Israeli group ALEH

Five Towns HERALD – May 3, 2012 By HERALD Staff Sixth-graders at The Brandeis School in Lawrence organized a school wide walkathon that sought to raise money for ALEH, an Israeli-based organization that provides care to severely disabled children in Israel. One hundred strolled from Putnam Boulevard to Ocean Boulevard in Atlantic Beach on April 29. After Sunday’s walk $3,028 … Read More

Israel at 64: Innovation in Caring

The Jewish Tribune (Canada) – Apr 24, 2012 By Sarah Herskowitz-Director of International Relations for ALEH As we ready ourselves for Israel’s upcoming birthday celebration and reflect on the last 64 years, we can’t help but swell with pride at our country’s many accomplishments. In what seems like no time at all, the State of Israel has become a world … Read More

ALEH Marches Forward in Jerusalem for Passover

Arutz Sheva – Apr 12, 2012 By Chana Ya’ar In a testimony to Israeli caring, more than 300 marchers from the ALEH organization rallied across the Jerusalem Chords Bridge to support the cause. The organization is Israel’s largest network of residential facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. The annual event, now in its second year, is held to … Read More