ALEH Moriah and Nir Galim Celebrate Shavuot Together

Approximately 30 residents from ALEH Moriah in Gedera were welcomed to Nir Galim moshav immediately prior to Shavuot, the Holiday of Weeks, to celebrate and learn about holiday customs. Together with their hosts and accompanying school staff, residents enjoyed various holiday traditions: dancing with a Torah, giving charity and tasting delicious dairy dishes. Musician Oded Satar enriched the occasion with … Read More

ALEH Jerusalem Celebrates 20 Years!

Hundreds of people gathered to mark 20 years since the founding of ALEH Jerusalem.  Since its founding, the center has brought love and light into the lives of hundreds of babies, children and young adults with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families. The evening, held at the Israel Center for Excellence in Education, was attended by Yehuda Marmorstein, … Read More

ALEH's Nonverbal Residents Communicating at the Blink of an Eye

Thanks to amazing eye-controlled technology, ALEH residents who are unable to move any part of their bodies are finally able to communicate with staff members and volunteers, write messages to friends, and even sing along during class time! Utilizing “Focus System” technology, the ALEH residents communicate by closing and opening their eyes and focusing on objects on a specially designed … Read More


Last week, a group of students from London’s Jewish Learning Exchange (JLE) visited ALEH’s rehabilitative village in the Negev.  The students were wowed by ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s beautiful modern design and how the village –  powered by ALEH’s dedicated and selfless staff and volunteers – allowed the residents to lead full and happy lives. The group was also starstruck when … Read More

The ID tag

On Yom Kippur I hold your ID tag in my hand – the ID tag that has hung for the past 42 years in our mother’s kitchen and now hangs beneath your photo in my office. Black dirt stains cover the aluminum plate where your name is engraved forever. This is the ID tag that lay abreast your beating heart … Read More

Sweet Dreams at ALEH Jerusalem

Feb 12, 2009 The children have all been bathed, put into their pajamas and tucked in, the lights have been dimmed, and the staff lowers their speaking tones to a hush.  It’s bedtime at ALEH Jerusalem, and yet there is a palpable air of excitement in the air, an undercurrent of anticipation as all the children – from the babies … Read More