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Chevy 2020


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Dear family & friends,

I’m excited to inform you that I am running for the 4th year with ALEH Ascend to raise money for ALEH, Israel’s foremost network of care for children with severe complex disabilities. I’m ready to hit the pavement and start training, but I need your help to reach my fundraising goal.

First, some background.
Why did I choose to run for ALEH? Well, ALEH provides over 750 children and young adults with severe complex disabilities specialized services they need to live a quality life: residential living, medical care, rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment, special education, vocational training opportunities, and social and cultural activities. ALEH’s four residential facilities, located in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Gedera, and the Negev, are their homes and ALEH’s dedicated staff and volunteers are their family – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, ALEH provides thousands of outpatient sessions to children with milder disabilities who are able to live at home.

I have also chosen to run for Aleh, due to the fact that Aleh has helped me in in so many ways get to where I am today! I started off volunteering at their inclusion parade in Jerusalem, within in less than a month of that event, I started working there regularly. Throughout the one and half years that I worked for Aleh, I have developed irreplaceable bonds with both the children and their families. The children of Aleh have become my family! I feel personally responsible to help them live their best lives. At the moment I have left Aleh (physically, that is. The children will forever be carried in my heart ❤) I am currently studying physical education and plan to continue studies in physiotherapy, so that I too can obtain the tools to help the children of Aleh and other children just like them, live the best life possible!

Thanks to ALEH these children are able to live in much the same way as non-disabled children: attending school, participating in vocational training programs, and enjoying activities such as swimming at the beach or touring the countryside. Integration programs involving family, volunteers, school children and IDF soldiers promote acceptance of the disabled within the community at large.

I will be running the Jerusalem Marathon to benefit ALEH. The training isn’t easy, and the race will be a challenge, but I am inspired by ALEH’s life-altering work – I will be propelled to the finish line knowing that I will be strengthening my body, enriching my soul, and improving the world with every stride.

I plan to raise $450 by race day, and I hope you will be able help me reach this goal by making a generous tax-deductible donation.

Your support is crucial to this effort, so please visit my dedicated fundraising page on the ALEH Ascend website and make a donation today: Donate Here

The ALEH Ascend website makes donating quick, easy, and secure. And, again, all donations to my ALEH campaign are 100% tax-deductible.

Thank you in advance for your support. Together, we will ensure the unrestricted growth and true inclusion of every Israeli child, regardless of the severity of his or her disability.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress!

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