Anna & Morgan’s Bat Mitzvah Project



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Hi! For our Bat Mitzvah project, we chose something that we connected with personally. Following an incredibly moving visit to ALEH during our last trip to Israel, we decided to mark our special milestone by making a difference in the lives of the ALEH residents – Israel’s most vulnerable children.

ALEH provides advanced medical, educational and rehabilitative care to more than 750 children and young adults with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities and complex medical conditions.  ALEH is their home and their family – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Additionally, ALEH provides more than 46,000 outpatient treatments annually.  

We were amazed by the ALEH facility and all of the individuals working there, and we were touched by the children we met and spent the day with. For our Bar Mitzvah project, we will be raising money to help ALEH continue to provide these amazing kids with the high-level medical and rehabilitative care and educational, vocational and social opportunities they need to reach their greatest potentials and live high-quality and fulfilling lives.

Please show all of our friends at ALEH some love by helping us reach our goal of funding this campaign!