Adopt Tamir

Tamir* is a familiar figure at ALEH, greeting all visitors and guests in his friendly, outgoing manner. Tamir loves to have a good time, and he is curious about learning anything new. ALEH is Tamir’s only home. When Tamir goes to sleep at night, he is able to boost himself up from his wheelchair. He needs a bed that will enable him to use this ability, a special, secure bed with an adjustable bar to allow various degrees of independence. *Name has been changed to protect privacy

  • $700 will purchase a portable kangaroo feeding machine that can be kept next to the child's wheelchair, enabling him/her to take part in more frequent outdoor trips
  • $2,000 will provide the child with weekly hydrotherapy sessions throughout the year
  • $2,500 will provide the child with an enhanced music therapy program
  • Any amount helps us greatly!
  • $0.00
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