In 1982, ALEH established its first facility to provide therapeutic services in a warm and loving environment for children with complex disabilities. Today, more than 750 children from Israel’s disability community receive top quality medical, educational and rehabilitative care at our four branches in Bnei BrakGederaJerusalem and the Negev.

Each ALEH facility provides its residents with the support they require for all daily activities, including eating, bathing, sitting and basic hygiene. For many activities, there is a ratio of one to one, with one caregiver (either employee or volunteer) per child.
ALEH’s facilities are unique in that they meet all of the children’s needs – residential, supportive, educational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and social – within a medically safe environment 24 hours a day. A multidisciplinary approach ensures that the child’s individualized therapy plan is implemented consistently across the various frameworks.