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At a glance:


  • 120 Regular Volunteers + Periodic Groups
  • 130 Residents
  • 200 Staff Members
  • 73 Students
  • 8 - 40 years old

Unique features:

תיכנונים עתידיים

  • ALI Program: Preparation for Independent Living
  • Assisted-Living Community Homes
  • Creative Arts Program
  • Robotic Arts Therapy
  • Strong Community Involvement
  • Therapeutic Gardening Program
  • Virtual Reality and Rehabilitative Technology Programs
  • Vocational Workshop & Boutique
  • Young Adult Community-Based Recreational Opportunities

Contact info

צרו קשר

ALEH Moriah-Gedera
3 Levinson Street
P.O Box 273
Gedera 70700
Tel: 08-851-1666
Director: Naama Sudkewitz

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צרו קשר Gedera

At Moriah, ALEH’s residential facility in Gedera, nearly 100 children and young people with complex disabilities receive the devoted, round-the-clock care they need to stay healthy and realize their potential.

Assisted-Living Apartment Units: Although the residents, who range in age from 10 to 30, are fully dependent on our professional staff, they are encouraged to live as independently as possible. Moriah’s five beautifully furnished, small-group apartments are specially designed to meet the residents’ needs. The homes give a warm, intimate feeling; and at the same time are equipped with modern, specialized facilities that encourage independence to the greatest degree possible. An on-site clinic offers medical services and preventive treatments to minimize complications and prevent hospitalizations.

Community Integration and Special Education: Children who are mobile enough to travel are transported on a daily basis to special education schools within the community. Highly dependent residents attend Moriah’s on-site special education school. In the afternoon, the children participate in extracurricular activities that combine fun, learning and therapy in positive motivational experiences. Many wonderful volunteers from the area, including soldiers, students and community members, “adopt” residents and accompany them on their daily excursions.

Vocational Program: Upon completion of the special education program, young adult residents join a vocational workshop program that offers challenging, meaningful activity while integrating occupational therapy goals. Workshops in silk production, paper-recycling, pottery and crafts enable residents to create aesthetic objects using specialized equipment suited to their abilities. The principle guiding the program is the recognition that every individual deserves the opportunity to feel fulfilled as a productive member of society. The handmade items are sold in stores and online, and the young people are taken to local stores to spend their earned salary as they wish. The ability to “hold down a job” greatly enhances each resident’s self-esteem.

Interactive Website: Moriah’s innovative interactive website program enables parents to be part of their children’s daily lives. Residents connect with their families in real time, communicating with one another by means of specialized computer programs and assistive devices.

Opened in 2011, the Special Education School at ALEH Moriah features 6 classrooms with 6-7 students per class, grouped according to functional capability and age. In addition, several therapy rooms provide the setting for a full rehabilitation therapy program which includes physiotherapy, augmentative and alternative communication, occupational therapy, music therapy and visual stimulation. A specialized outdoor playground and outdoor musical courtyard enhance the growth, development and quality of life of ALEH children within the school setting.

Plans are currently under way for a new wing designed to accommodate additional children from the community. They, too, wish to benefit from the advanced rehabilitative technology, computer communication program, and innovative educational techniques offered by ALEH Moriah’s skilled multidisciplinary staff.