Bnei Brak

Matteo Miele

Bnei Brak

At a glance:


  • 1635 outpatient treatments annually
  • 240 students
  • 260 volunteers + periodic volunteer groups throughout the year
  • 375 + staff members
  • 85 residents
  • Infants-45 years old

Unique features:

תיכנונים עתידיים

  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Paramedical Community Clinic
  • Special Education School
  • Strong Community Involvement
  • Virtual Reality Therapy
  • Vocational Workshop Center
  • Young Adult Recreational Opportunities

Contact info

צרו קשר

ALEH Bnei Brak, 66 Uziel St., P.O.B. 435, Bnei Brak 51646
Tel: 03-617-1711
Fax: 03-617-1880
Director: Devorah Glover

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צרו קשר Bnei Brak

After school, the children participate in stimulating extra curricular activities that combine therapeutic treatment with fun activities such as horse riding, beauty care and social events with nearby children. The establishment includes residential areas, an advanced medical clinic (hospital department), workplace training centers, a specialized school and a hydrotherapeutic swimming pool.

  • The Yad LeTaf nursery and playroom is specially designed for babies and toddlers with a wide range of developmental delays and limitations. The intensive and early intervention program of the crèche helps to discover and fully develop the potential of each child. The ultimate goal is to help the children flow through regular learning environments.
  • ALEH’s outpatient childhood development center provides important emotional therapies for children around the world, including music and art therapy and hydrotherapy.
  • The special workshop applies the equipment of each child, according to the specifications of the ALEH honorary physiotherapists.
  • ALEH’s rehabilitation assistant training program provides professional training to caregivers to ensure the highest possible quality of life for the children of ALEH.