Bnei Brak

Matteo Miele

Bnei Brak

At a glance:


  • 120 Regular Volunteers + Hundreds of Groups
  • 200+ Students
  • 370 staff members
  • 4800 outpatient treatments annually
  • 7 months - 47 years
  • 87 residents

Unique features:

תיכנונים עתידיים

  • Community Child Development Center
  • High-level Supportive Services
  • Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Rehabilitative Technology Communication Therapy
  • Special Education & Rehabilitative Complex
  • Strong Community Involvement
  • Vocational Workshop Center
  • Young Adult Recreational Opportunities

Contact info

צרו קשר

ALEH Bnei Brak
66 Uziel Street
P.O. Box 435
Bnei Brak 51646
Tel: 03-617-1711
Fax: 03-617-1880
Director: Devorah Glover

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צרו קשר Bnei Brak

ALEH Bnei Brak provides an educational and vocational framework, enrichment and lesiure activities, paramedical treatments, hydrotherapy, experiential therapy with animals and more to some 90 residents throughout the year. Wtih over 200 students in daycare, kindergarten and school, ALEH Bnei Brak’s special education school is the largest school in the country for children with intellectual developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions, including resdential and external students. Young adults over the age of 21 continue to receive dedicated care and enjoy appropriated activites in ALEH’s Day Center for Adults.

ALEH’s Yad LeTaf Rehabilitatitive Daycare Center is specially designed for babies and toddlers with a wide range of developmental delays and limitations. The intensive early intervention program helps discover and fully develop the potential of each child.

The High Dependency Department at ALEH Bnei Brak operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and is equipped with the most modern technology available to provide all necessary services to high dependency residents in a warm, loving and caring atmosphere.