Boston Teens send gifts of love!

Boston Teens send gifts of love!

Everyone loves receiving care packages from afar. It is so heartwarming to know that someone far away is thinking about you, and it is always a treat to excitedly unwrap a package, anticipating the goodies inside…

But the experience is doubly special when there is a war going on; when you have been kept indoors for weeks and your spirits sorely need to be bolstered. And that is where the Boston Teens Stand With Israel Rally stepped in.

Liana Mitman, Teen Program Manager of the Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston, contacted ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran at just the right time. Her teen leadership group was meant to be in Israel for a seminar, but due to the conflict, they had to postpone. Instead, they were banding together to put on a big event, raising awareness and support for Israel and holding a collection drive to send comfort items and treats to soldiers in the IDF.

Having read about ALEH Negev coping under fire, Liana wondered whether our residents might enjoy some of the items.

Would we ever!!

The rally was a great success, with hundreds of items collected and scores of personal well-wishing cards hand written to bolster the morale of those in Israel. In addition to the toiletry items (men’s thermals, underwear and socks) earmarked for the soldiers, 12 boxes of special treats were shipped specially for ALEH’s special needs residents: cuddly stuffed animals, delectable candy treats, crayons and coloring books, chocolate snacks, energy bars, toothbrushes and lovely packs of pampering toiletries and beauty care items. Everything would provide a welcome diversion during the many hours spent inside the sheltered rooms.

Residents and staff alike were thrilled when they opened the packages. They thoroughly enjoyed all the lovely gifts from their new friends across the ocean, but the support and encouragement were just as important. The gifts made the residents feel loved and special rather than overwhelmed and scared from the sounds and impact of a war they could not understand. And the staff was encouraged by this demonstration of unity and solidarity for their dedicated efforts to keep up morale and routine while in the line of fire.

We thank the Boston Teens for their creative initiative, for their caring and commitment – and we can’t wait until these young leaders visit ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran in person!