Bernard van Leer Foundation and ALEH Impacting Hundreds of Children

Bernard van Leer Foundation and ALEH Impacting Hundreds of Children

Aug 19, 2007

Are you a new mother who would like to make the most of these special bonding days? Do you want to learn how to cope better with a child with ADHD? Or help your kids have a successful school year?

Thanks to the generosity of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, ALEH’s community workshops are helping hundreds of children. 

This past year ALEH branched out to share its knowledge and expertise with local families who have limited access to media information.  ALEH’s Community Awareness Workshop Program, sponsored by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, offered a variety of dynamic lectures and interactive workshops to the Bnei Brak community throughout the year, and the program is continuing next year as well.

The Infant Massage Workshops brought mothers and infants together to learn massage techniques, encouraging bonding at this early age.

The extremely popular Workshops for Parents of Children with ADHD gave mothers coping skills and techniques for enhancing the atmosphere by creating a more pleasant, peaceful home. Next year will see a similar workshop for men.

The Early Awareness Workshops offered low-income mothers advice and encouragement in utilizing basic materials to encourage motor, communicative, cognitive and nutritional development in their children. It also pointed out how to spot developmental delays and when to seek professional help.

The School and the Home Workshop targeted children experiencing difficulties in school. Learning how to guide children in developing skills and habits including time management, proper preparation and learning strategies for homework and review will help dozens of children have a more successful year this September.

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