Beit Guvrin Cave Excitement for ALEH Children

Beit Guvrin Cave Excitement for ALEH Children

Dec 4, 2011

ALEH Moriah’s school children recently enjoyed a special fall outing to the Beit Guvrin Caves.

Integrating fun, the principle of normalization, and therapeutic goals, the trip was a fantastic multi-sensory experience stimulating all five senses.

The path that led to the caves was beautiful, with plants and greenery on all sides and the chirping of birds accompanying the children along the wheelchair-accessible path.  Exploring the large caves was a unique experience in itself, as we winded through the alternately changing shades of light and darkness.

The impromptu choir of children and counselors singing together made a remarkable echo that bounced off the Bell Cave’s walls and added to the excitement.

As the children completed the trail, they collected dirt from the cave and mixed it with various colorful spices.  The resulting clay-like mixture was used to create various artwork projects.

During another fun activity, the children crushed rosemary leaves with a mortar and pestle and prepared small packages from the sweet scents to take back home as souvenirs.

We then continued on to the Latrun restaurant, where the children enjoyed being waited on and treated to a delicious meal, just like everyone else.

Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, and Taste: this trip stimulated all our senses and left us eagerly awaiting the next trip!

A great Thank You to Akim, for enabling this wonderful opportunity!

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