Batia is such a fantastic teacher!!

Batia is such a fantastic teacher!!

Margaret Henderson
Senior Trade & Investment Assistant, British Embassy, Israel

Dear Naama,

I feel I must write to you to say just how impressed I am with the great ladies looking after Yuval.  Throughout the year he has enjoyed his swimming both with Vardit and at Givat Washington and for this I must say a big thank you to Yael, Batia and Marcelle who have been with him all the way.  Yael keeps pushing for Yuval’s swimming and because of her, he keeps getting better.  Swimming gives his a little independence and a lot of calm and enjoyment which makes me very happy.  I know how much of a physical effort it is for the girls to get him to the pool and back to Gedera again.

And of course Batia is such a fantastic teacher.  At the school yesterday she had a lovely little celebration for the children – Yuval obviously very fond of her and she is so fond of him.

Thank you for such a wonderful team of caregivers for Yuval – they are amazing.  I appreciate everything they do.


Margaret Henderson |Senior Trade & Investment Assistant| British Embassy, Israel

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