Anticipating the New School Year: ALI Girls Welcome Freshman Participants

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First-year ALI girls excitedly welcomed the new group of freshman students to Givat Washington, home of ALEH Moriah’s innovative educational program preparing religious girls for a future of independent living.

Following a challenging year of interviews and preparation, members of the program’s second class came to meet each other, tour the campus, hear first-hand experiences from the older girls and just have a good time.

Givat Washington Educational Campus Director Yaki Sa’ada spoke about his initial feelings of uncertainty. When the program first began one year ago, it was hard to image how it would take root. Now, Sa’ada says, “the campus can’t exist without the program.”

Maya Hadar, one of the new program participants, said, “This place is so pastoral. I’m so excited to begin my life here and become part of this place.”

The welcoming committee of first-year students arranged fun-filled ice-breaking activities, easing the new girls in their initial adjustment and helping them get to know each other. Upon conclusion of activities, participants were gifted with chocolate candy symbolizing the sweet year ahead and beautiful necklaces prepared by ALEH Moriah residents.

An especially emotional moment occurred while Morasha Amichai, a 19-year-old participant with Down Syndrome, shared her feelings about joining the program. Morasha noticed 21-year-old first-year participant Rennana Pitusi, also with Down Syndrome, who suddenly got up and ran over to hug Morasha. “I can’t tell you how I felt that there was someone just like me!” she exclaimed.

A heartwarming step towards a promising future.

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