Another Mark of Distinction…ALEH Negev Chairman honored by Jerusalem Parents Committee

Another Mark of Distinction…ALEH Negev Chairman honored by Jerusalem Parents Committee

Apr 9, 2008

Major General (Res.) Doron Almog, Chairman, ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran, is no stranger to accolades. He has been lauded for many key landmarks in his army career, including: command of the first task force to land in Entebbe airport during the 1976 rescue operation; command of the elite paratroopers brigade force on its journey from the Awali River to Beirut during the first Lebanon War; and the airlift of about 6000 Ethiopian Jews during various clandestine missions.
But since his retirement from the army, the focus of general Almog’s voluntary activities has been the establishment of the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitative Village on behalf of disabled children and young adults with severe cognitive disabilities. Located near Ofakim in Israel’s Negev region, the village offers a future of hope on behalf of the weakest and most defenseless members of Israeli society. 
In recognition of his efforts on behalf of ALEH Negev, the Israeli government accorded him the honor of lighting a torch at the 2006 Central Independence Day celebration in Jerusalem. 
He was also awarded the title of Man of the Year in Social Areas by the Israeli channel 2 broadcasting communications.
He received the prestigious 2007 Quality Government Knight Award for his continuous contribution to Israel’s security
And now, his efforts on behalf of the special needs population and his ongoing contribution towards communicating and deepening public awareness about the needs of the cognitively disabled are being honored by the Jerusalem Parents Committee.
In a special awards ceremony to be held on April 9th, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Municipality, Doron Almog will receive a mark of distinction for his efforts to strengthen parents and empower families of those with special needs.
The entire ALEH Family congratulates Doron on his achievement.
Click here to read the letter from the Mayor of Jerusalem, naming Doron as an award recipient.


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