An Eye-Opening Shabbat

An Eye-Opening Shabbat

Zev and Ariela Sohn

Dear Sirs:

We recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with your organization through our daughter, Aliza Sohn. Aliza is a bat sherut in your Jerusalem branch. Last Shabbat she brought home as her guest an 8 year-old autistic boy named Daniel (and Gili, another bat sherut). Daniel is a full-time resident of your Jerusalem facility and Aliza has become very attached to him through her work as a teacher’s assistant there. She very much wanted to spend a Shabbat with him at home.

That Shabbat was very moving and eye-opening for us in two ways. First, we got a hint firsthand of the amazing work that ALEH does. Every aspect of Daniel’s physical, mental and emotional capabilities requires intense care and patience. It was at times heart-wrenching for us to witness. Considering that Daniel is just one example of your children, we are truly overwhelmed by the needs that your organization fulfills every single day. On Motzaei Shabbat we drove everyone back to Jerusalem and were therefore able to see Daniel’s residence. We were very impressed by its home-like atmosphere.

Second, seeing Aliza (and Gili) care for Daniel with such devotion showed us a side of Aliza that we as parents have never seen. We are proud of her dedication and maturity.

Our son recently became a Bar Mitzva. He was so moved by what he learned after hosting Daniel for Shabbat that he would like to donate to you the Maaser from his gifts. Please find enclosed a donation to ALEH with our warmest wishes for continued success in your avodat hakodesh.


Zev and Ariella Sohn

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