Amnon’s First Time in the Pool!

Amnon’s First Time in the Pool!

Amnon lives in ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran for two and a half years.

During this period he has always refused to enter the pool.  He seems to be afraid of changes and the unknown.

The staff tried many times to encourage him to enjoy a pool-related activity.  They involved his warm and devoted family in this project as well, but nobody was able to convince Amnon to give the pool a chance.

Last week, Amnon’s therapist and home coordinator Elizabeth decided to try again.

She brought Amnon to the edge of the pool.  At first Amnon withdrew, but slowly and gradually, with a great deal of patience, Elizabeth placed some water from the pool on his hand.  She then helped him to sit on the ledge and dangle his feet in the water.  David, a seasoned volunteer at the village, and the entire pool staff encouraged Amnon with smiles, warmth and sensitivity – and Amnon went into the pool for the first time!  It was a wonderful experience and Amnon seemed to enjoy himself very much.

Our hearts are full!

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