"All of Jerusalem Salutes You" – the Mayor Visits ALEH Jerusalem

"All of Jerusalem Salutes You" – the Mayor Visits ALEH Jerusalem

Aug 30, 2009

With the school year officially beginning this week, the Jerusalem Municipality has been working overtime to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But even with all of his other duties, Mayor Nir Barkat took the time to personally visit ALEH Jerusalem, and offer his seal of approval for its special-needs educational facility.

ALEH Jerusalem was honored to greet the Mayor, who was accompanied by Yair Maayan – Director General of the Jerusalem Municipality, Bonnie Goldberg – Director of Welfare Services, and Ahuva Ezrieli. The visit proved to be a learning experience for all involved.
The guests were attentive as Yehuda Marmorstein, Director of ALEH’s facilities, gave a detailed description of the school and its population. In addition to serving residents of ALEH Jerusalem, explained Marmorstein, the school also serves community children with various disabilities who wish to benefit from ALEH’s highly qualified staff and excellent educational and rehabilitative program.
Marmorstein reminded the mayor of his personal contribution 14 years ago, with the establishment of a young adult home in ALEH’s Gederah facility. Barkat was an active member of ALEH’s board before deciding to become involved in Israeli politics, and had in fact visited ALEH Jerusalem privately in the past.
Mrs. Shlomit Grayevsky, Director of ALEH Jerusalem, detailed a number of serious difficulties facing the facility and its school, due to the nature of the disabilities of the children. Mr. Barkat and Mr. Maayan promised to find solutions before the opening of the school year.
In the name of all citizens of Jerusalem, the mayor warmly thanked the administration and staff of ALEH for their endless dedication and devotion to the most vulnerable members of society.
“You stand as a model for emulation,” said Barkat.  “I, along with the entire Jerusalem Municipality, salute you and will do everything in our power to help you realize your vision — to provide these children with the best care they deserve,” concluded the mayor warmly.
Barkat’s party is aptly named Yerushalayim Tatzli’ah (Jerusalem Will Succeed). With his blessing and support, we hope that ALEH Jerusalem will continue to succeed as well, in its ongoing mission, offering special needs children the same opportunities for growth and development as their peers.

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