ALI Champs: Win, Place and Show at the Gedera Marathon

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Three participants from ALEH Moriah’s ALI Program joined hundreds of other runners in Gedera’s third annual marathon, celebrating 135 years to the city’s founding.

Preparations for the marathon began two months ago as the girls began training with social worker Anat Golan. Anat came to Givat Washington once a week to meet the girls and take them out to the tack for practice. Practice, usually a tiring and challenging time, turned out to be an enjoyable outing for the ALI group and they looked forward to the run each week.

When race-day arrived, the three ALI particpants, Libi Ayelet Zilber, Morasha Amichai and Noya Mani, were ready and eager. In good shape from all of the practice, the girls ran well and finished strong, taking the all three first places.

Standing tall with their medals, Libi, Morasha and Noya proved that nothing gets in the way of determination and ambition.