ALEH's work drew my heart to contribute

ALEH's work drew my heart to contribute

I was overwhelmed by the gratitude which you expressed towards me for my modest contribution and in that state I have hesitated to respond to your many questions, until now.

I am a training Instructor by profession and to me the joy I find in it is to see others find their G-d given gifting and then to help them grow in it. That you have it in your heart also to help others in the work that you do to find their gifting and help them to grow in it to bless their world with it is to me amazing. My profession is towards making material wealth, but that you pursue this cause to help others find the beauty and the joy of being able to give their gift away is beyond wonderful. Without you pouring your love into the lives of these people they may never come to know or appreciate the wonder and the beauty of their human soul. I think the outcome of your work is like a trumpet blast, a strong proclamation of the glory Hashem has truly wrought in the heart and soul of mankind, even if sometimes it is expressed in the quietness of a whisper or in a simple gesture.

I am not Jewish, but I think what you do in ALEH is also a parable of who you, the Jewish People are to the rest of the world. When all that you have given and have been to the world is weighed out it is clear to any who will see that you have been and continue to be an overwhelming blessing. That is the truth of it.

Thus my contribution is also an expression of genuine gratitude.

Gratefully Yours