ALEH’s Kids – Flying High!

ALEH’s Kids – Flying High!

Dec 7, 2011

The school year opened on a high for some of Israel’s most severely disabled children: Kids from ALEH and Alut were treated to an airplane ride to Eilat for a day of fun and excitement, thanks to the generosity of Israel’s Bank Hapoalim and El Al.

As 130 children with various handicaps boarded the El Al jet, it was a sight to behold: some were pushed in wheelchairs and carriages, several were carried or supported by the loving arms of their caregivers, and still others tightly clutched onto the hand of their father or mother as they ascended.

The staff of Bank Hapoalim, who sponsored the flight, and the El Al crew invested a tremendous amount of effort in the logistical planning of the flight on behalf of its special passengers. Some of the detailed arrangements worked out exclusively for this flight included a specialized ramp to board the plane, a shortened waiting period before take-off, and accessibility to the various sightseeing places in Eilat. The meticulous planning, hours of thought and tremendous care were evident in every detail – from the preparations and scheduling to the surprises and trinkets presented to the children throughout the trip.

Upon landing in Eilat the children were treated to lunch at the Dan Eilat Hotel. They spent the afternoon visiting the famous underground observatory marine park and enjoying a royal dinner at the King Solomon Hotel. As they boarded the plane once again, loaded with souvenirs and pictures, they looked like seasoned travelers!

For Bank Hapoalim and El Al, this special flight is a continuation of their support of disabled children through the Small Change Makes a Big Difference Program that takes place on all El Al international flights. Flight attendants collect envelopes with people’s loose change and send them to Alut’s vocational training program, where the special needs youngsters sort and count the coins. Bank Hapoalim changes the money into Israeli currency without charge. All proceeds go to support programs that enable the children of ALEH and Alut to realize their potential – and the sky’s the limit!

Our sincerest Thank You to: Bank Hapoalim, El Al, Dan Eilat Hotel, King Solomon Hotel and Eilat’s Marine Park for your generosity and kindness.  You made a dream come true for Israel’s most vulnerable children! 


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