ALEH's Garden of Music – A Harmonious Tribute

ALEH's Garden of Music – A Harmonious Tribute

May 7, 2009

At first glance it seems to be an ordinary playground, but the Therapeutic Music Garden at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran is so much more than a scenic recreational spot. For the cognitively and physically disabled residents of the village, it offers a relaxing environment that encourages contact with nature and the outdoor world, while also stimulating the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

The music playground features instruments that are easily accessible to residents from a variety of positions – sitting in a wheelchair or leaning on a swing, a lounge chair or a bench. The various sounds, colors, shapes and textures encourage sensory interaction, and the instruments can be played in different scales by a simple banging of the fist or sweep of the hands – perfect for people who have limited mobility but who nonetheless enjoy creating music just like the rest of us.
The sound of the chimes, xylophonic gong and percussions reverberate as residents visit the Musical Playground, and the echo of the music lingers, along with the sounds of laughter and the smiles on their faces, even after they have gone.
Fittingly, the commemorative plaque marking the site is inscribed with this wish: May this garden bring pleasure and comfort to all who use it for generations to come.
The Therapeutic Musical Playground was recently dedicated in loving memory of Eva and Sam Wagman by their devoted children: Allan and Carole Wagman, and Colin and Pamela Wagman. As they gathered with their families to inaugurate the musical garden, they well understood that this project would serve as a fitting tribute and legacy to their parents, bringing love, joy and tranquility into the hearts of ALEH’s disabled children well into the future.
May their memory be a blessing, and may their children’s efforts and consideration for ALEH’s precious children serve them as a source of eternal merit.


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