ALEH's Flashmob takes Jerusalem by Storm

ALEH's Flashmob takes Jerusalem by Storm

Jul 3, 2012

People in Jerusalem are used to seeing all sorts of unusual things, but the Flashmob that took place at the Mamilla pedestrian mall was unique – and the first-ever wheelchair Flashmob ever to be held in this part of the world!

About 20 residents of ALEH Jerusalem set out towards the Old City of Jerusalem, each accompanied by a volunteer.  The excitement was great, but we tried to keep the surprise under wraps, as each resident waited in their wheelchair to enter the outdoor promenade from a different vantage point.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere the music began and in wheeled a beaming Boaz, together with Nadav, a medical clown who volunteers at ALEH.  The two began to sway and wave their arms to the joyous tempo of Oleh Oleh (Israel’s entry in the 1985 Eurovision song Contest.  The song is about the joy to be had when the whole world sings together. For our residents, it is also a theme song of sorts – a play on ALEH, ALEH – or ‘rise, ALEH!”)

Then, as bystanders began to stop, point and take notice, more and more ALEH kids entered with volunteers until the whole circle was filled with ALEH residents and their friends – all doing the same dance movements to the beat of the music.  Shop owners and passersby were all captured by the infectious spirit, and many joined in, clapping, waving and even dancing with ALEH’s residents in a circle of love.

In a matter of minutes the Flashmob had ended, but the spirit and infectious spirit remained, as ALEH’s residents, volunteers and staff kept dancing and singing in their own unique way.  It was a wonderful experience – not only did we bring smiles to the children’s faces, but we showed that ALEH’s kids are just like everyone else, and that with enough encouragement, there is nothing they cannot achieve!

We offer our thanks to Nadav, who helped choreograph the whole thing, to the scores of volunteers who showed up to dance their hearts out, and to the Mamilla management for their unbelievable cooperation and help in coordinating the speaker sound system and setting up a central table and room to rehearse.

See a video clip of the Flashmob


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