ALEH’s Best Friends Make a Special Chanukah Visit

ALEH’s Best Friends Make a Special Chanukah Visit

In honor of Chanukah, ALEH’s kids had a special visit: specially trained dogs came to light up their day with their warmth, friendliness, and various tricks.

It was a sensory festival for the children to pet the dogs and feel their soft and furry skin, touching their ears and laying their cheeks on their new friends.

The children threw balls and laughed excitedly as the dogs caught them neatly.  The smile on Mordy’s face kept growing – he felt like a trainer himself!

Tal was delighted to give the dogs orders: “Sit”, “Come”, “Stand” – and see them listen promptly.

Dogs are man’s best friend.  For ALEH’s kids, they gave them the special opportunity to feel independence and unconditional love.

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