ALEH supporters turn out from Coast to Coast

ALEH supporters turn out from Coast to Coast

Mar 24, 2005

Receptions to garner support for ALEH’s newest National Project in Israel were held recently on both American coasts. Enthusiastic crowds of supporters in New York and California turned out to meet Major General Doron Almog (IDF ret.), Hero of Israel and architect of “Operation Thunderbolt”, the 1976 Raid on Entebbe.  General Almog is Chairman of the ALEH Negev Project, a Rehabilitative Village now under construction in the Negev Desert near the city of Ofakim.  This 25-acre complex, which will serve the special population of Southern Israel, will also be the centerpiece of the plan put forth by the Israeli government and the Jewish National Fund to develop the least populated region of Israel.

In New York, Haim and Marlys Bar Ziv opened their Riverdale home to General Almog and a select group of friends, who enjoyed an evening of spirited conversation and warm hospitality, while they learned of the miracles that ALEH’s dedicated staff and volunteers work each day with the disabled infants and children of Israel.

In California, Raphy and Rivka Nissel made their beautiful Beverly Hills home available so that the people of Southern California could learn of ALEH and the inspirational story behind the creation of the Negev Project.  ALEH owes the Bar Zivs and Nissels a debt of gratitude for their commitment, generosity and hard work on behalf of Israel’s special population.

This vision, shared by ALEH, the JNF and the government echoes the dream of Israel’s founding father, David Ben Gurion. You can join ALEH and help to make the deserts of Israel bloom by calling 718-851-4596 and visiting their website at



Haim and Marlys Bar-Ziv with IDF Major General Doron Almog

Motti Levy Tsedek; hosts, Raphy and Rivka Nissel; Shoshana Factor; IDF Major General Doron Almog; Yossi Kahana

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