ALEH Residents Celebrate the Holidays in Style

ALEH Residents Celebrate the Holidays in Style

Chanukah at ALEH residential homes is always a special time with a spirit of laughter and cheer for the residents, volunteers and staff. The traditional sufganiyot (doughnuts) ooze with delicious sticky jelly and the sizzling potato latkes are served hot out of the frying pan.

Chanukah entertainment at ALEH is likewise always exceptional. This year, on the last day of the holiday, ALEH Jerusalem was treated to a visit by Shevi who arrived laden with gaiety and good fun. Together with an accompanying clown, she danced freely to the rhythm of the holiday music and sang along with special lyrics that brought laughter and merriment to everyone.

Shevi’s multiple talents kept the ALEH children captivated. She introduced the ALEH children to a group of adorable dolls which she had created out of sponges. Each doll had a special story to tell and was accompanied by a lively song.  Residents had so much to see and enjoy, as they following all the multi-colored dances and their hands reached out to pet the lovely animal figures. A myriad of senses, colors and feelings were activated and their happiness was palpable throughout the room. We’re certain the feeling of cheerfulness continued well past the Chanukah holiday.

Each evening, the ALEH residents at ALEH Jerusalem participated in the traditional Chanukah lighting ceremony in the lobby of the residence with groups of volunteers and students from various seminaries and Yeshivot joining in the traditional singing of Maoz Tsur.  And of course, Chanukah gifts were distributed throughout the week-long holiday.

Among the highlights of the week was the Chanukah lighting ceremony for residents and staff at ALEH Jerusalem, presided over by Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel. All the participants enjoyed a unique musical event conducted by the IDF Rabbinical Orchestra and the alumnae of the school enjoyed a day of pampering and fun as part of the “Queen for a Day” festivities.

We can’t wait until next year’s Chanukah celebrations!

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