ALEH Negev Status Report – As of June 2007

ALEH Negev Status Report – As of June 2007

Jun 13, 2007

The ALEH Negev Rehabilitative Village is being established in the area of the regional council of Merhavim, near Ofakim, on an area measuring 25 acres. ALEH Negev will provide a solution for the needs of the adult population of the network of ALEH centers, as well as for children in the south of Israel in need of a special education framework outside of the home.
The State of Israel resolved in June 2002 (resolution #2032) to help establish ALEH Negev as part of its endeavor to develop the city of Ofakim and the surrounding region.
The project is being executed by the Southern Development Authority and supervised by the relevant governmental ministries.
Stage 1 of the project, estimated at a cost of US$ 23,800,000 (US$1 = 4.2 NIS), has been completed. Fundraising for the rest of the project, estimated at a cost of US$20,000,000, is underway.
Residency continues gradually to ensure successful acclimation. At present, 65 young adults are residents of ALEH Negev.
Concurrently, construction continues on the rest of the buildings and landscaping development.
Construction and Timetable:
I.                   The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Residential Units – (Om Bros.)
Three Residential Buildings and Case-Manager Building – construction completed, residents living in the apartments
Fourth Residential Building– construction in final stages, building to be opened shortly
Second Case-Manager Building– construction in final stages, building to be opened shortly
II.                Vocational Training Center – (Om Bros.)
Wing A – completed and populated
Vocational workshops include Ceramic and Paper Recycling Workshops. Physiotherapy treatments given on-site during work hours.
Wing B – to include another three workshops
Currently up for tender. Construction to begin within two months.
III.             Hospital Project – (Moshe Avisror and sons)
 Wings A + C – completed, building will be populated by November 2007
Wing B – construction in final stages, to be completed within two months
IV.              Safra Paramedical Center(Moshe Avisror and sons)
Completed and functioning
Currently offers paramedical treatments to all residents of ALEH Negev as well as outpatient treatments for special-needs people throughout the southern region
During the month of May, 120 outpatient treatments were given.
Staff presently includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and rehabilitative assistants.
Services to expand this summer to incorporate the Snoezlen multi-sensory room and the emotional therapy program, including music and art therapy and a social worker and psychologist. The center will also begin treating outpatients requiring rehabilitation.
V.                 Logistics Center(Moshe Avisror and sons)
Completed and functioning
Laundromat processes 250-300 kg of laundry daily
On-site Kitchen and the Therapeutic Equipment Workshop, where rehabilitative devices and equipment will be created and adapted, to open in four months.
VI.              Special Education School Complex –
(Bonei Binyan, through Local Governmental Economic Services Ltd)
Construction completed
Building will open at the beginning of the school year Sept. 2007
VII.           Peripheral Fence – (Pika Infrastructures + Alobra)
Construction completed
VIII.        Landscaping and Development of Residential Area – (Pika Infrastructures)
Projectcompleted (includes digging work, walls, gardening, irrigation, fencing)
IX.              Landscaping and Development of Rest of Village – (Alobra Ltd.)
Work underway concurrent to completion of buildings
(Includes development of outdoor areas around the high-dependency wing, paramedical center vocational training center and technical center; continuing paving of roads, sidewalks and lighting installations)
Anticipated completion: December 2007
X.                 Rehabilitative Pool
Project sent out to tender
Building to begin within three months
Anticipated completion of project: January 2009
XI.              Therapeutic Agricultural Vocational Center
Project sent out to tender
Anticipated completion of project: March 2008
XII.           Horseback Riding Track
Final design nearly complete
Project to be given out to tender in September 2007
XIII.        Safari Petting Zoo
Final design underway
Project to be given out to tender in January 2008


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