ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran: Response Under Fire

ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran: Response Under Fire

Mar 14, 2012

UPDATE – March 14, 2012

As of today, we are pleased to report that the situation has calmed down for residents of ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.  Although the village remains in a state of preparedness, the children have now been able to exit the sheltered rooms, and have resumed their regularly scheduled daily activities.

Throughout the country, all are hopeful that the cease fire will hold, and that the immediate danger is behind us.

We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who responded with alacrity to our emergency appeal.  Your generosity enabled ALEH’s staff to dedicate themselves round-the-clock to caring and comforting our vulnerable children during the time of crisis.

UPDATE – 3/13/2012
Unfortunately, yesterday ALEH’s facility in Gederah also had to face air raid sirens and warning of an attack. Its 96 residents spent the day in reinforced shelters, and their caregivers moved in to be with them.


We have been overwhelmed with good wishes and concern expressed from all over the globe. Please see one note, below, and the response from Masada Sekely, Director, ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.
Dear Masada and ALEH Negev children,
On behalf of our family in Jerusalem, we want to tell you that we stand with you at this difficult time! Stay strong! We are praying for G-d to continue to foil the plans of our enemies, and for you and the children to stay safe and happy.
Thinking of you,
Sarah and family
Thank you, Sarah, for your warm wishes; it warms the heart.  BUT we are under tremendous pressure and desperately need funds to be able to continue to care for the children properly.
Our volunteers have left. A lot of residents are sick. We need to urgently bring in more staff.
All staff members are being asked to move into the village and be on duty for longer shifts.  We need to provide them with basic needs:  hot meals, coffee round-the-clock, childcare for their children remaining at home, transportation door-to-door
We also need funds for activities for the residents confined to the shelters all day.
We would greatly appreciate your help in raising these urgently needed funds!

UPDATE 3/11/2012

As rockets continue to fall throughout the south of Israel, including the Ofakim region, all necessary precautions are being taken at ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran.

The entire village has been at high alert since Friday night, when air-raid sirens sounded continuously. The staff has been briefed with clear instructions on what to do when the piercing sound of a siren is heard, and how to act quickly and efficiently to ensure the residents’ safety at all times. 

The shelters are all equipped with vital medical equipment and supplies.  Since Operation Cast Lead in January 2009, when ALEH Negev was bombarded, and again last summer when the village was in the line of fire, the level of preparedness has been upgraded and the rooms reinforced for protection.

How do you prepare scores of youngsters with severe disabilities for spending the night inside a shelter?It is impossible to explain to a cognitively disabled child that he must take refuge. Because they cannot comprehend the situation, it is very important that as much normalcy and regular routine is maintained for residents.  At the moment, work, play and activities are taking place inside the sheltered rooms. The dedicated staff has mobilized to preserve an air of calm, making the residents as comfortable as possible from the moment they are wheeled into the sheltered rooms.

In addition to the hardworking and devoted caregivers on duty, senior staff members have also been taking turns in shifts to ensure that everything is under control. Volunteers and parents of residents have taken to sleeping overnight at the village to lend an extra pair of hands, helping out wherever needed.

We’d like to thank our many friends and supporters who have shared their concern about the safety and welfare of ALEH Negev’s residents during this difficult time.  Your encouragement gives us strength to carry on!

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Sleeping in the bomb shelter

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