ALEH Negev – A Beautiful Village, A Magnificent Home!

ALEH Negev – A Beautiful Village, A Magnificent Home!

Ilene Lainer

Dear Yossi,
Thank you for taking me to visit ALEH Negev.  I enjoyed having the chance to
talk with you and see the product of all your hard work.  I was shocked by
the enormity of ALEH Negev.  You are building an entire community and it is
beyond anything I had imagined!
The facilities are magnificent and so well conceived.  Every detail has been
considered.  Even the herbs planted along the paths are clearly provided
with your residents in mind.  The future phases as described to me sound
innovative and exciting.  I hope that Laura or I will have an opportunity to
visit when your plans are complete.
Israela was extremely informative and she is a wonderful spokesperson for
your project.  It is marvelous to meet someone who is so passionate about
helping others and committed to making ALEH Negev a beautiful village for
many people to visit and to live.  I can’t tell you how surprised I was when
your staff presented me with a Talleet [prayer shawl] for my older son, Max.  He wore it
when he visited the Western Wall for the first time and has decided this
will be the Talleet he will use at his American Bar Mitzvah in November.  It
was quite a moving day.
The private tour of the Western Wall was fantastic.  Thank you for
arranging it for my family.  When I asked my son what was the most
interesting part of our trip, he told me it was the tour of the Wall.  He
listened and took it all in.  As a mother, it was my pleasure to watch my
son learn about our history and observe his connection to Judiasim
I hope you enjoy the rest of the month in Israel.  Please let us know when
Doron will next visit New You.  We would be happy to take you both to visit
the Charter School.
Ilene Lainer
Executive Director
New York Center for Autism

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