ALEH Moriah, You've Made My Day!

ALEH Moriah, You've Made My Day!

Margaret H.

Yuval enjoying hydrotherapy
Dear Yael                                   
Although I have spoken to you already to thank you for the wonderful afternoon we spent yesterday at the swimming pool with the boys of Moriah, I feel I have to put the words in writing.
The last time I saw my son Yuval in a swimming pool was some years ago.
He was difficult to handle and swallowed so much water that we had to stop the hydrotherapy altogether so I must admit I was skeptical about how he would be in the water yesterday.
I could not believe my eyes.  He was so happy and smiling – it seemed like he was in another world of pure heaven! His utter enjoyment of the water brought tears to my eyes – it is not often he is so happy and relaxed.  He seemed to find a self confidence and security in the water and in the arms of his caregiver that lifted him both physically and
emotionally – the feeling of freedom in the water for him was exhilarating.  And …..he did not swallow any water!
It is a huge pity that there is no pool at Moriah.  A pool would provide such endless joy to the children and give them a physical freedom which is not available to them in normal surroundings.  I would ask you please to consider such an idea.
Thank you again for all your hard work with this hydrotherapy programme.
Please give my regards to the caregivers at Givat Washington , especially to Aharon. 


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