ALEH Moriah Receives Excellence Award

ALEH Moriah Receives Excellence Award

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Service’s Department for People with Disabilities recently held a special conference under the heading, “Creativity and Cooperation, Looking Forward”. Ministry director Dr. Avigdor Kaplan and Mr. Gideon Shalom of the Department for People with Disabilities along with other welfare department employees, activists and people with disabilities participated in the event at the Modi’in Cultural Center.

ALEH Moriah, located in Gedera, received acknowledgement when awarded a prize and certificate of excellence as well as a place of honor and appreciation.

ALEH Moriah’s cultural and recreational program was chosen as the outstanding program, deserving recognition for innovation, originality and activity above and beyond accepted criteria.

Conference chair Moti Winter explained that the six programs chosen from among so many were those that enable all people with disabilities to live lives of significance, each according to their abilities, in cooperation with their families and community services.

Dr. Avigdor Kaplan and Mr. Gideon Shalom bestowed the prize upon Naama Sudkewitz, director of ALEH Moriah in Gedera, saying that they stood in awe of the wonderful programs she has initiated for people with disabilities, and that such programs must be preserved and developed to serve as a platform for changing attitudes and outlooks towards people with disabilities.

Receipt of the award and recognition was a great honor for ALEH Moriah, which will certainly continue going forward with more new and unique inclusive programs for the benefit of ALEH residents.