ALEH Moriah Embraces Spring

ALEH Moriah Embraces Spring

Residents of ALEH Moriah set out to embrace the new season and enjoy the blossoming fields of spring.

During the intermediate days of Passover, ALEH Moriah residents joined students of ALEH on the Horizon for a joint day of flower-picking in the colorful fields of “Katif Nurit Be’er Tuvia”.

Adding to the pure joy of ambling through seemingly never-ending fields of flowers, residents were fortunate to meet up with special people along the way.

Employees of “Katif Nurit Be’er Tuvia” heard about the group from ALEH Moriah, their special nature and unique characteristics and invited them to enjoy the fields and pick flowers free of charge, as an act of “great love and from the bottom of our hearts”.

Residents and staff of ALEH Moriah respond in like with appreciation and gratitude: Thank you from the depths of our hearts! The colors of the well-tended field, the warm sun and the interaction with earth and nature filled us with renewed energy and brought spring directly into our center.