ALEH Moments Magazine – Tu Beshvat 2010

ALEH Moments Magazine – Tu Beshvat 2010

Jan 28, 2010

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ALEH MOMENTS - magazine
Planting a Seed of Hope

Café ALEH – Where We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Café ALEH - Where We All Scream for Ice Cream!It may be freezing cold and snowy in New York and London, but here in Israel’s Negev it’s sunny all year round. And sun = fun = ice cream, of course! And so Café ALEH was born.

Read More…

Winning Medals, Winning Hearts
Maccabiah bronze medalist awards prizes to ALEH’s Champions

Winning Medals Winning HeartsThe recent Maccabiah games in Israel celebrated the best of athleticism, camaraderie and support, as Jews from around the world came to show their good will. But one participant, in addition to winning a bronze medal in tennis, also won her way into the hearts of several special needs children at ALEH. Her gift of toys, stuffed animals, posters and music players brighten their lives every single day. Read More…

Thank You!
On behalf of Avital, Rafi, Shira, Gabi, Lior and Eli –

Avital, Rafi, Shira, Gabi, Lior and EliWe thank you deeply for your amazing response to our Adopt-a-Child Campaign. With your support, they’re all developing the potential you saw in them. Thank you for nurturing them with the love and care they need to continue to grow.

Look for updates soon to see how your adopted child is progressing!

Southern Exposure: The Journey of a Lifetime

Southern Exposure: The Journey of a LifetimeAll of us need to get away once in a while and break up our monotonous routine. Disabled people at ALEH are no different, but taking a wheelchair-bound severely disabled child who needs to be fed through a feeding tube on an overnight trip is no simple matter. It is, in fact, a major logistical challenge. But ALEH’s staff does it anyway – purely out of love.

Read about ALEH Moriah’s adventure down south.

Sweet Dreams – Now Every Night!

Sweet Dreams - Now Every Night!Every child deserves a good night hugR30; Last year, volunteers from a local seminary initiated a beautiful program of making bedtime a special time for ALEH Jerusalem’s children of all ages. This year the program continues nightly, with volunteers from 5 different seminaries each devoting one night to sing lullabies and say the traditional Shema Yisrael with each ALEH child. And the program has been dedicated and renamed. Read more…

Breathing a Sigh of Relief – With Your Assistance!

Breathing a Sigh of Relief - With Your Assistance!For the children of ALEH, the life-giving act of breathing is not taken for granted. Your response to our Gift-of-Life campaign helped us purchase 2 specialized cough-assist machines for ALEH’s Bnei Brak facility. These devices are used daily, enabling ALEH’s children to clear their lungs and breathe easier. Read more …

Purim Cards – on sale NOW!

Purim Cards - on sale NOW!Give your Mishloach Manos a unique touch by purchasing beautiful Purim cards to send to your loved ones. Your donation in their honor will support severely disabled children in Israel, bringing joy to their lives all year round. Order NOW to ensure delivery before Purim!

Face to Face

FacebookJoin Friends of ALEH on Facebook today and get quick updates of new programs helping our children, exciting raffles, a child’s inspiring story, volunteer opportunities and more! And share with us your own experiences and ideas as well!

Tu B’Shvat 5770
January 2010

Just one year ago…ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran’s children were living and sleeping in shelters, going through the day under the terrifying rockets aimed at the Negev during Operation Cast Lead.

Child crying during war in Negev

And deep in the financial crisis, we were desperately concerned how we would be able to continue to provide for our children’s specialized needs.

Thanks to your caring, we look back at the past year and marvel at how much our children have grown and developed, despite the challenges. We’re delighted to share with you, our partners and devoted friends, highlights of the past year and new initiatives that are giving our children the quality of life every child deserves.

At the same time, we need your continued support and kindness to help our children realize their potential.

Girl with Cactus Flower

As we mark the holiday of Tu B’Shvat – a season of growth, development and renewal – please help us plant a seed of hope for our precious buds, giving them the specialized tools they need to continue to grow and flourish.

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