ALEH Moments Magazine – Summer 2007

ALEH Moments Magazine – Summer 2007

Jul 17, 2007


Nahalat Eran – Inspiring ALEH Negev Naming Ceremony


How does a severely disabled young man build a sprawling village, galvanize a general in the IDF and inspire the world – without speaking a word?
Find out…
Read the emotional eulogies that moved the world.

Breakthrough: New Jerusalem Rehabilitative Hospital


For kids with long-term, complex medical conditions, ALEH’s new rehabilitative hospital is a dream come true: a warm, loving, medically-safe environment offering education, therapy and fun.
Read about ALEH Jerusalem’s new High-Dependency Wing.

Outpatient Paramedical Services for Hundreds of Special-Needs People in the South


Four-hour trips to medical facilities in the center of Israel are a thing of the past. Now people in Ofakim, Beer Sheva, Netivot and Sderot can receive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music and art therapy and more at ALEH Negev’s state-of-the-art Edmond J. Safra Paramedical Center.
Find out more…

Making the Desert, and its Special Residents, Bloom


Unique New Volunteer Opportunity: Help care for the trees and gardens at ALEH Negev! The fruits of your efforts will be tended to by disabled young adults as part of a unique agricultural vocational training program.
Find out more…

ALEH Kids Tour the Length and Breadth of Israel


From sledding down the peaks of the snowy Hermon mountains to an airplane ride to sunny Eilat – ALEH’s kids have been drinking in the beauty of Israel this winter on trips that would excite any child.
And the children of ALEH deserve no less.
Read about their fun and see the amazing pictures.

JNF & ALEH – A Winning Partnership


Thanks to Jewish National Fund, ALEH Negev’s gardens are blooming and hundreds of children have access to the special-needs services they require. And JNF-UK’s latest partnership will help build ALEH Jerusalem’s new hospital wing.
JNF’s missions have brought hundreds of people to Israel, and ALEH is honored to be part of their outstanding efforts to build and settle the Land of Israel.
Read JNF-USA President Ronald S. Lauder’s Blueprint Negev – “It’s not a mirage. It’s our vision.”
Read about JNF-UK Car Rally Drive through Europe to Israel and JNF-UK Living Legacy Mission’s inspiring trip to ALEH Negev.



Win a stunning diamond necklace from De Beers, a Luxury Vacation to Israel and more, while helping us care for severely disabled children! Stay tuned for more information about ALEH’s upcoming Summer Raffle….


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Summer 2007
Tammuz 5767


Name: Eyal*
Age: 11
Profile: Eyal suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has been at ALEH since age five. He joins a regular kindergarten once a week and loves to learn and play with the other children. With constant encouragement and specialized therapy, Eyal continues to achieve goals beyond what was ever dreamed.
*name changed to protect privacy

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