ALEH Moments Magazine – Spring 2008

ALEH Moments Magazine – Spring 2008

Jun 12, 2008

Update: Spring News

May the Force be with you…Police volunteer at ALEH Negev

What happened when the police force showed up at ALEH Negev? Their special day of voluntary service involved residents, clowns and giant dolls.

Read all about these troopers, who proved to be true troupers.


A Purim Procession with Panache: ALEH Bnei Brak’s Tribute to Shemitta

A tractor touring the streets of Bnei Brak is unusual enough, but when it is accompanied by ALEH children dressed up as vegetables, spectators marvel!

Hamodia reports on how ALEH celebrated Purim with a colorful parade paying homage to the shemittah year.

Very Special Volunteers at ALEH Jerusalem

Visitors to ALEH Jerusalem might not be surprised to see a youngster with Downs Syndrome on premises. But they are amazed to discover that she is a volunteer, supporting and helping the staff look after the special-needs children.

Read more about our very special volunteer program.

“A palace on wheels” for the children of ALEH Moriah (Gedera)

The children of ALEH don’t allow their handicaps to keep them from being constantly on the go, and residents of ALEH’s Moriah residence facility in Gedera now have a brand new, specially equipped van for transporting them far and near.

Read the highlights of the special launch, together with special guest Jon Allen, Israel’s Canadian ambassador.

Communicating Success – ALEH’s Pesach Campaign Brings in Major Support

ALEH launched an ambitious online campaign this Pesach, to reach our goal of giving every one of our disabled children the ability to communicate. The response was overwhelming – and we thank all those who generously contributed to this important cause. Your support enabled us to purchase many custom-designed communication tools and state-of-the-art computer devices, and helped provide intensive speech therapy to enable our children to express their thoughts, feelings and needs.

It is heart-warming to witness the children of ALEH growing, advancing and living lives filled with possibilities never before imagined. Through the use of their newly acquired various communication devices they’d like to say Thank You in their own special way!

Revisit the campaign to see what other sponsorships are still available.

Cool Pool Fun – Making a Splash with ALEH Kids

ALEH’s kids enjoy a day at the pool just like all other children – especially now, as the days get hotter. And in addition to the buoyant fun of being in the water, they enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at the same time.

Yuval’s enjoyment of the water brought tears to his mother’s eyes – and ours, too.>

Read his mother’s moving description.

Unique Boutique: New Items in Stock at ALEH’s Online Shop

Check out the latest arrivals at ALEH’s online boutique! See all the new products available to order, hand-crafted by the disabled children and young adults of ALEH in their vocational workshops. Some of the new items made exclusively by the children include: a variety of scented soaps, a decorative wine stopper, delicate candle holder, honey jar and beautiful wall hangings.  We are also pleased to offer an inspirational refrigerator magnet with a very special message, and play dough, which has traditionally been created by ALEH’s older teens especially for their younger counterparts in playgroups and kindergartens.  But they-and we-are so proud of their handiwork that we decided to make it available to the general public as well. Happy browsing!

All profits from the sale of these items will be earmarked to support ALEH’s children, giving them the opportunity to develop their potential and live quality lives.

Go to the boutique now.

Marching To a Different Beat with ALEH

For a group marching along a 900-kilometer trek across Israel, ALEH Negev proved to be a welcome stop along the way, and a source of inspiration to keep trekking onwards…

Read all about the challenging journey.


Hot off the Presses!

An English version of IDF Major General (Res.) Doron Almog’s book, The Commitment, has just been published, and proceeds from its sale go to support ALEH’s children.

Order a copy online now.


Spring 2008
Sivan 5768

Profile: Early Intervention with Morah Laya

Follow the sounds of tinkling laughter, soft cooing and the humming of babies at ALEH Jerusalem, and they will lead you to a cozy corner tucked away, specially designed for infants and toddler play.  Amidst the colorful toys, the sensory-stimulation games and the bustling team of caregivers, therapists and family members you will find Laya Scholar: the woman who is the heart of ALEH Jerusalem’s Early-Intervention program.

Laya came to ALEH Jerusalem almost two years ago, armed with over 25 years experience in working with special-needs infants and their families.  She is a developmental specialist/infant educator with a degree in neuro-developmental facilitation techniques, but when asked what her formal title is at ALEH Jerusalem she answers: “Here, I am simply ‘Morah Laya’”
Working together with the physical therapist, occupational therapist, language therapist, feeding therapist and social worker, Laya and the team of professionals create and implement an individualized intervention plan for reach infant. “Integrating each therapist’s goals into one working plan, where each member of the team shares her expertise with the others, is what a trans-disciplinary approach is all about,” she explains. Her holistic approach has maximized the potential for each infant in the program and had some dramatic results.

Morah Laya works hands-on with the babies, helping them navigate their environment and concentrating on the cognitive aspect of learning. “Babies learn through playing!” exclaims Laya. “Play should be fun, but also a motivating, integrative process, the impetus for emotions, curiosity, confidence-building, overcoming fear of space, language, motor and social-emotional development, perseverance, attention, memory – a way to bring out what they’re capable of doing.”

Laya says the focus is on the strengths of each child, rather than his weaknesses. “We need to have expectations and empower the baby by expecting a response,” she explains as she lovingly balances a toddler on her lap. “Each child is like a secret, and it’s up to us to figure out what they can learn.”

As we leave Morah Laya, smiling, engrossed in an intimate communication with the child, we know that she is looking forward to discovering what they can learn – together.

The ALEH Foundation has received the highest 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent evaluator of charities.

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 61023
Jerusalem, Israel 91610
Tel: 03-617-1888




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