ALEH Moments Magazine – Fall 2007

ALEH Moments Magazine – Fall 2007


Entebbe & Nahalat Eran – Sharing a Common Commitment


The first soldier to land on the grounds of Entebbe during the daring rescue mission in July 1976, Maj. Gen. (Res) Doron Almog was with Col. Yoni Netanyahu during the latter’s final moments when he gave his life to rescue the defenseless hostages.

When Yoni’s brother, leader of the Likud party and former PM Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu recently visited ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran as Doron’s guest, all those present sensed the significance of the word commitment: commitment to the weak and defenseless who cannot help themselves.

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Celebrating Adulthood with ALEH


“My heart is in the east though I am in the west.” For American children celebrating their bar/bat mitzvah, this ageless poem takes a new direction as they open their hearts and share their joy with disabled children in Israel’s south.

Read about the moving celebrations of Daniel Sobin and Limor Brody in ALEH Negev.

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A Splash of Summer Fun


All of us need to get away once in a while and break up our monotonous routine. Disabled people at ALEH are no different, but taking a wheelchair-bound severely disabled child to Tiberias’ magnificent Kinneret for three days is no simple matter. It is, in fact, a major logistical challenge. But ALEH’s staff does it anyway – purely out of love.

Read about Moriah’s fantastic mini-vacation and ALEH Jerusalem’s annual Rose Garden outing and carnival.

ALEH Negev Status Report Update


Follow ALEH Negev’s development and the new Government Resolution committing to help ALEH Negev offer rehabilitative programs to the entire southern region.

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Bernard van Leer Foundation & ALEH Impacting Hundreds of Children


Are you a new mother who would like to make the most of these special bonding days? Do you want to learn how to cope better with a child with ADHD? Or help your kids have a successful school year?

Thanks to the generosity of the Bernard van Leer Foundation, ALEH’s community workshops are helping hundreds of children by creating significant positive change during their early childhood years

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From Orange, with Love


 When Partner Communications Company donated computers to ALEH Gedera and ALEH Negev, the language spoken was the language of the heart.

Read more about this incredible way of helping severely disabled children communicate their needs and feelings.

To read about Partner’s moving dedication, Click here…

Despite All, I Can


 Silk-painted decorative challah covers and scarves, beautiful ceramic chamsa charms and hearts, and colorful paper-decorated photo albums and greeting cards are just some of the products created by ALEH’s severely disabled young adults.  Their creativity and independence shine through despite all their challenges. To see a video of our children at work and visit the ALEH boutique where the handcrafted items are displayed and sold, Click here…

ALEH Negev Chairman Knighted with Israel’s Quality Control Award


In an interesting twist of fate, Major General (Res.) Doron Almog was recently knighted in Israel for his incredible accomplishments. To read the full story Click here…

NCSY Groups Give & Receive Inspiration


This summer saw the blossoming of a beautiful new relationship. Boys and girls from NCSY-USA visited ALEH Negev and connected with the residents in an act of friendship and kindness. Read more…

To read the impressions of visiting NCSY kids, Click here


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In Memory of Eran Almog

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Fall 2007Tishrei 5768



Name: Tali*

Age: 1 yr 3 mth

Profile:Born premature with a twin who died at birth, Tali suffers from several physical and cognitive disabilities. Early intervention and therapy are provided by the entire care-giving staff during all everyday routines. Extremely passive, Tali is encouraged to make eye contact and respond to those around her. During bath time her body is elongated and relaxed, and during play time she is motivated to imitate motions and sounds. Tali is responding more and more, beginning to focus on objects in front of her and communicating with her sweet smile.

*name changed to protect privacy

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