ALEH Moments Magazine #14

ALEH Moments Magazine #14


Moments #14
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Summer edition

August/Elul 2013

A Decade Since Laying The Foundation Of Compassion At ALEH Negev

In 2003, amidst the barren desert, VIPs and disabled children gathered to lay the foundations of what would become the future site of the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village.  In 2005, the village opened with 10 residents; today, almost 130 children and young adults call ALEH Negev home, while another 50 are waiting to join! Read all about it…


Eye-Click!  Technology Alters Reality For Disabled Kids At ALEH

ALEH has always been on the cutting edge of technological advances, and now we’ve added eye-click – an amazing spin on virtual reality – to the list of breakthrough programs! This fantastic interactive visual game helps residents at ALEH Moriah in Gedera learn to relate to their environment, and encourages physical and cognitive actions in a fun way!


Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently highlighted ALEH’s amazing technology therapy. Click here to check it out!

Weekend Wonders – Sharing The Joy!

For ALEH volunteers, spending the day with ‘their’ special children is not enough… so they decided to extend their time to the weekends – and share the experience with their own families!

Read about how the entire community of Mercaz Shapira, Neve Daniel and others came together to host disabled children for an unforgettable weekend experience.


Plus, view video from past Shabbaton

Transcending Boundaries – How One Volunteer Couple Has Forged Bonds Of Love With A Bedouin Girl At ALEH Negev.

“It is hard to explain the depth of the connection that we forged with Saafiya.  If I had to describe it, I would call it a soul bond….”


Since their retirement, Shula and Meir Abergil – a religious couple in the south of Israel, have been volunteering at ALEH Negev with Saafiya – a young Bedouin girl.  Read how the experience has enriched their lives immeasurably, and Saafiya has become part of their family.

Read More

What A Doll! Spotlight On ALEH’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program

 Not only did Rachel Eckman of Hashmonaim share her Bat Mitzvah with a special girl at ALEH, she also brought the other children presents – HUNDREDS of stuffed animals and dolls!

 Read More.


Moving Hearts, Moving Locations – and a Grandmother’s View

ALEH Bnei Brak’s Yad LeTaf Nursery & Kindergarten has just moved to a roomier location – and now, over 100 developmentally delayed babies and toddlers can receive the early intervention they need to mainstream into regular learning environments. The program works to discover each child’s abilities and develop them to the fullest, and to offer support and encouragement to their families.Read a grandmother’s personal report.


The children of Yad LeTaf are in desperate need of specialized outdoor playground facilities adjacent to their new kindergarten facilities. Click here for more details.

Shana Tova!

This Year, send a Gift of Caring that Makes a Difference! Order NOW to ensure delivery in time for the new year.

Wish your family and friends a sweet new year with ALEH’s beautiful cards and decorate your holiday table with stunning ceramic pomegranates, magnets and more. Designed by the children of ALEH in their vocational workshops, you’ll be supporting their right to be productive and self-fulfilled. Check out ALEH’s beautiful boutique for great gift ideas!

Proceeds from the sale of these items enable ALEH to continue offering disabled children in Israel the opportunity to develop their potential and live quality lives.



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