Apr 17, 2014

For the fourth straight year, a procession of hundreds of marchers, including children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities under the care of ALEH, their families, caregivers, and volunteers and friends from around the world, set out from ALEH’s Jerusalem facility to cross over the Jerusalem Chords Bridge in a powerful display of integration of Israel’s disabled community within Israeli society.

The March, which took place on Wednesday, April  16th, under the energetic moderation of Nerya Knafo, was a resounding success! There was singing, dancing, and a ceremony during which over 500 balloons were released into the air as a display of the unrestricted potential of Israel’s disabled children.

Community families watched and took part in the festive atmosphere, while volunteers from all over the country added their own brand of spirit – some even came dressed in full costumes as fuzzy animals – all wearing I love ALEH T-shirts!  The talented Mati Shriki band – also volunteering their time – played for hours while the proceedings were enlivened with inspirational words from MK Moti Yogev (himself the father of 2 veteran ALEH volunteers) and Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, head of Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva, who has come to lend his support for the past few years.  Both spoke movingly of the special character of those who dedicate their energies towards helping ALEH’s children reach full potential, and enjoy normative experiences – just like everyone else.  Even after the event had officially ended, and the children returned to the ALEH residence in Romema, the energetic festivities continued for hours, with singing, dancing and loads of hugs.

The fact that everyone had gathered together for one common goal only added to the sense of pervading unity, and the smiles on the faces of ALEH’s children was a testament to the resounding success of the event.

We can’t wait until next year – but until then, we will continue to march forward on behalf of ALEH’s special children.

Stay tuned! A video of the event will be uploaded onto YouTube within the next few days….


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