ALEH Kids Tour the Length and Breadth of Israel

ALEH Kids Tour the Length and Breadth of Israel

Apr 15, 2007

The trip to the Hermon began with a thrilling cable-car ride up to the huge snowdrifts at the heights of the Hermon. The children then slid down on sleds and sleighs, laughing in sheer delight at the incredible experience.

The pristine whiteness and fresh air combined with the absolute fun created a special atmosphere that could be compared to the people within it: the innocent, beautiful children of ALEH being cared for by the strong, bighearted Alpines Unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Together they represented the best of humanity.

The Eilat fun began from the very first moment. Hearing the children’s cries of delight as the plane took off in the air, leaving behind a cold rainy morning for beautiful sunshine, made the hours of planning the trip all worthwhile.

The excitement continued as the children marveled at and patted the dolphins’ smooth skin, drank in the spray of the ocean and danced on the boat as they sailed the Red Sea. We left convinced that we really share more than we realize – the same basic needs of warmth and love, and wonderment at the exquisiteness of the world around us.

Special thanks to Nochi Dankner for sponsoring the plane ride, and to the Dan Bus Company for donating the rest of the transportation and entrance to the attractions. Your inner spirit shines through!

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