ALEH Jerusalem was honored with Ruth Ron Excellence Award

ALEH Jerusalem was honored with Ruth Ron Excellence Award

May 15, 2006

ALEH Jerusalem was honored to be chosen as the venue for the prestigious Ruth Ron Excellence Award Ceremony held on September 10, 2006.

The award is given annually to someone who excels in clinical guidance for supportive services. Last year Mrs. Chaya Levy, then head nurse of ALEH, was the recipient of the award.

The many attendees of the ceremony included senior staff and directors of supportive services throughout Israel. For most of them, it was the first time they were exposed to the type of children living in ALEH and the complexities of treatment offered together with the supportive services the children require.

Mrs. Shlomit Grayevsky, Director of ALEH Jerusalem, spoke about the vital work of the professionals who provide the support the children need while working hand in hand with the therapy team.

Mr. Yehuda Marmorstein, Director General of ALEH, spoke as well, thanking the attendees and offering best wishes for continued success to the winners of the award.

Mrs. Ruth Ron bestowed this year’s award to Mr. Wadim Lebowitz of the Youth Department in the Geha Hospital. She also mentioned the significance of conducting a ceremony dealing with supportive guidance specifically in ALEH.

Professor Rabbi Yigal Shafran, Head of the Department of Medicine and Halacha in the Jerusalem Rabbinate and Religious Affairs, spoke about various ethical issues that arise in the field of supportive care. In a fascinating lecture, he quoted various cases found in the Bible and Talmud as well as from contemporary sources regarding the dilemma of telling a patient the truth about his illness. Should one always say the truth? Should it be the whole truth? Should one take into consideration the patient’s wellbeing and ability to deal with the facts, or should one always abide by the law that it is the patient’s privilege to be informed the truth?

The subject matter and special atmosphere greatly enhanced the ceremony and highlighted the benefit for further cooperation and partnership in this important area.


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